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UAZ Hunter. Hunter Fisherman


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Video: UAZ Hunter. Hunter Fisherman
Video: Взял УАЗ Хантер - теперь это грузовик. Максималочка! 2023, February
UAZ Hunter. Hunter Fisherman
UAZ Hunter. Hunter Fisherman

Our "Hunter" (in Russian - a hunter, although now more likely a fisherman) has just come from the factory. Seat belts, fog lights and an additional brake light are neatly packed in the trunk.


My companion and I are well acquainted with the classic UAZs, so we did not count on high cruising speed, light controls and other mischief. But they knew for sure: no matter how much we collected the belongings, it fits easily and will not affect the behavior of the car, only it will become softer on potholes.

The first half hour of driving around the city got used to the Arzamas box, which has the second gear in place of the second gear and everything is shifted. Nothing done. Then attention was drawn to the temperature gauge and the “stove”. Despite the apparent underheating of the engine (it was not possible to see more than 55 degrees on the scale), warm air was blowing at the feet.

Another quarter of an hour passed - outer clothing was removed. They remembered how cold they were in UAZs, spat three times over their shoulders and looked forward to what would happen on the highway.

While I was taxiing, a colleague drove his palm along the perimeter of the right door for a long time, then exclaimed: “Nowhere is blowing ?!” I felt my side: mine too! Then, after all, they found a couple of slots in the back, but they could not spoil the impression.

Although the 86-strong Andoria allows you to keep 110 km / h on the highway, its appetite exceeds 15 liters per hundred. This is three to four liters more than with the economical 90 km / h. In addition, despite the improved characteristics of the shock absorbers, the “dynamic corridor” along which the car walks, with three-digit readings of the speedometer, becomes too big. And how much more convenient is it to go along the highway with the Hunter without an amplifier (at least today).

Rzhev drove, it got dark. Now, to Ostashkov and further under the wheels there will be snow with asphalt bald spots. The behavior of the car with the front axle off was alarming, and I slowed down to 80 - 90 km / h.


Having left far from large villages where you can find a tractor, we decided not to jam the Hunter - after all, diesel. The experiment was successful - for five to six hours of idling and several tens of kilometers traveled, about 14 liters were taken from the tank.

In addition to the fishing itself, plenty was sweeping through the surrounding forests. Here UAZ in its element. True, they were once again convinced that the mud tires K-151 are not behaving in the best way on rolled snow. "Hunter", like a kitten on the floor, happily accelerates in a straight line, but does not always manage to get into turns. And in snowdrifts, tires that are excessively toothy for winter are not well combined with a diesel engine, in which the maximum torque is shifted to the low-speed region. If it’s simpler, on the first lowered one it’s very difficult to start off carefully without breaking the wheels. I believe this shortcoming will also appear in the summer, for example, on a clay dirt road. Although I have no doubt that in the mud and on viscous soil an extra moment will benefit. And yet, since it’s difficult to find a good winter tire for an UAZ, it’s better to buy it on such wheels - at least they will come in handy for it.

Discussing the advantages of an off-road engine, we came to sedition: ecology is sometimes harmful. When an archaic diesel engine with modest power, but magnificent "bottoms" is pulled over the ears in Euro II standards, it loses some of its advantages. Alas, at idle this “Andoria” does not accept the load. And such diesels do not like to “spin”, therefore their working range is modest.

Of course, there are advantages. The maximum torque is still achieved at lower speeds than gasoline counterparts, so the minimum steady speed is lower. We praise the insensitivity to the load at medium speeds and the ability to “hammer” idle for hours without damage. And one more thing: of all the engines that are installed on the Hunter, the diesel engine has compromised itself less than others. And when you learn about the cast-iron head, steel crankshaft and in-line fuel injection pump, you want to believe that it will last forever.


Remember the holy simplicity of the army "goat"? In part, the Hunter inherited its utility. True, a car with an awning is better suited for the role of an all-terrain convertible - you do not have to buy a separate tailgate instead of a door.

The fan of the “stove” takes air through a sliding sash, which is raised-lowered manually. Not modern, uncomfortable, but reliable. The advantage of this solution is high efficiency at speed and independence from the fan. And one more minus (besides the need to sometimes fumble with your hand under the panel) - in winter, before you go, you need to clear the hood of snow. Otherwise, falling into the “stove”, frozen water melts, then evaporates, then settles on the glass …

Two military tanks would be classified as military “lotions”: they say, if one is shot through … Civilians have no obvious advantages. There are inconveniences - with a total tank capacity of 78 liters, you are unlikely to refuel at a time more than 35.

Curiously adjustable front seats. People up to 180-190 cm tall can use the usual sliding mechanism. But if you were well fed porridge in childhood, it will be much more convenient to unscrew the frame with the key and rearrange the chair away. You can also dismantle the rear seats - you get a very large trunk with a flat floor.

A good thing on the road - continuous front axle with reliably protected CV joints. Driving on a dependent suspension is bad, but who was counting on asphalt?

Instruments in the center - this is the requirement of the once main customer (the commander must see everything!). However, modern Nissan Primera, Citroen C4 or Renault Modus also offer information to both front riders.

Stop, is that a digital odometer? Here it is! Like a Kalashnikov assault rifle, with the remainder of the cartridges being displayed on the liquid crystal display. But why not! If the author doesn’t like it, it’s a flimsy plastic bumper that has replaced a strong piece of iron. And the rapids are weak, so the correct rack and pinion jack - often off-road rescue - is simply nothing to put up against. But what a jack, you won’t bump into such a bumper in a snowdrift!


Without pre-sales training, the Hunter came to us, having defeated 2, 400 km in total. A trifle? Difficult to recall a new domestic car, from which the "Tosol" would not ooze. It was dry under the Hunter. And in general, the build quality was surprising. Pleasantly surprised.

My companion even allowed himself to speak disrespectfully about Defender. Say, such an UAZ is no worse, and in some ways even … True, then he recovered: "They can be safely put together." The machine is well painted, hands assembled, and that the design is archaic - I do not like it that way, do not take it.

In fairness, I will give the opinion of another colleague. Having traveled for a couple of hours, he called the UAZ "a power-driven vehicle requiring truck-driving skills." Well, not a hunter or a fisherman, so what to take?


The diesel engine emphasized the utilitarian nature of the Hunter - it reduced the minimum steady speed on the roads, and moderate its appetite. However, he didn’t make it to the usual estimate of “not eating, but rushing”.

+ The dynamic characteristics as a whole correspond to the capabilities of the chassis, moderate fuel consumption, the possibility of long idle operation, high throughput and protection of nodes from the bottom.

- “Spoiled” engine characteristics at the “bottom”, modest power, unsuccessful gear shifting algorithm, flimsy bumpers.

UAZ Hunter

The all-terrain vehicle has been running its pedigree since 1972, when the UAZ 469 was born. One of the latest upgrades took place in 2003, after which all the classic UAZs are called Hunter.

Engines: 2.7 and 2.9 liter petrol (128 and 84 hp), 2.4 liter turbodiesel (86 hp).

Transmission: 5-speed manual.

Price: $ 6900-9500.

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