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Without Tower

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Without Tower
Without Tower

Everyone knows how our wits decipher BMW. Most men without hesitation will “transfer” from the army infantry fighting vehicle. But already with BRDM problems or even “harmful illusions” arise, although this is far from the most difficult abbreviation for the military vocabulary. We will not reveal secrets, saying: BRDM means "armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle." With our help, you will remember this forever.

Mobility for the "eyes and ears of the army" - intelligence - the quality is absolutely necessary. In our country, special vehicles for reconnaissance vehicles appeared after the Great Patriotic War, when it became clear that in modern conditions a high-speed and universal combat vehicle with reliable protection, weapons and equipment is needed. The defenders were given an order to create one, and soon they presented the military with a ready-made model.

Later, a modernized version was released - BRDM-2, familiar to some of us from the service, and to all the rest - from parades, movies and television programs on the army theme. Of course, this machine is far from the prevalence of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, however, it is in service not only in our country. Abroad, for example, it was praised by the UN forces.

Calling a specific vehicle a car is not entirely correct, because it is a representative of a special type of technology. However, there is an internal combustion engine, wheels, gearbox, steering wheel and pedals … Moreover, the BRDM can sometimes be seen on the highway - on the way to a country house, for example.

That is exactly what Mikhail met this car on on an ordinary highway near Moscow. I saw and was delighted - that’s what a real man needs! Everyone, even if he did not serve, will still have a deep reverence for weapons. And here it is! Having learned from the military everything that they knew about the car, Mikhail set about the idea of ​​acquiring the same and soon discovered that it was entirely possible - there would be enough money.

That’s enough. The only condition was the lack of a tower with a cannon (machine gun). And although Mikhail was a hunter, the KPVT heavy machine gun would still not be useful to him: an elk or a bear could turn this weapon into a large colander, and a smaller beast would simply be torn to shreds. But the car had other advantages: armor protection, unsurpassed cross-country ability, swimming ability and, of course, military strength. Oh, something, but we know how to do military equipment.

Mediation services in the acquisition of army equipment are provided by several companies, but their work did not suit Mikhail, and he went straight to the factory. It was three years ago.

Of course, having found the desired, our hunter not only was overjoyed, but also thought how to adapt it to a peaceful life. Even in a village near Moscow, army equipment looked wildly. The idea came up to “smooth the spikes”, that is, to remake everything that is possible, eventually eclipsing the Hummer. The enthusiasm was fueled by the idea that this car is domestic.

The work was enormous. The car had to be dismantled naked. Imagine what this means: a huge machine, of native assembly, and even with a filling unfamiliar to “civilian” mechanics. But this stage was not the most difficult. Ahead was the alteration of units, a change in appearance, the re-equipment of the cabin …

Only the initial documentation for the car is a thick A4 folio. A great deal of information on alterations needs to be added to this volume. Oh, what a pity that there is no way to tell about ALL the details! Okay - at least about what happened.

The car body was stripped to bare metal and repainted. At the same time, combining the old, multilayer painting technology with intermediate polishing and the best modern materials. The owner calls the current color of the car “black-green mother of pearl-chameleon”. The paint is really interesting, looks and feels like powder enamel.

During assembly, all the bolts and screws that could be replaced were changed to German ones from the hardware store. Here is a nuance: Michael does not claim that our fasteners are worse, but he firmly believes that even such a trifle improves the quality of the machine. He generally used any, even the most insignificant opportunity to improve this very quality.

Some elements of the hull and cab are decorated with corrugated board - from corrugated aluminum sheet. This not only decorates the car, but also makes it more convenient and safer. For example, a groove on the nose of the hull allows you to not slip in wet shoes or barefoot (you can fish after all, having dropped anchor in the middle of the lake!). Aluminum is not just riveted to the body, it is seated on UHU endfest 300 glue with incredible bond strength. And riveting - so, for beauty. Well, additional insurance at the same time.

The standard headlights located on the nose (there is no hood either, the engine is located behind the cab), according to the owner of the car, did not shine well. The solution was simple: they hung six identical headlights instead of four. The cases were chromed, the glass was protected with a chrome grille. In addition, they put all the necessary lighting devices - turn signals, parking lights … A huge searchlight finder and a night vision device were installed on top of the armor.

With visibility, the army machine is in trouble. To simplify the life of the driver, armored plates were removed from the front windows, huge spherical mirrors were attached to the sides of the cab, and a rear view camera on the swivel bracket was mounted on the spare wheel in the stern, above the tunnel of the jet engine. The viewing angle allows you to get an excellent picture on the monitor in the cockpit.

Speaking of spare wheel. By and large, this is just a props, because the compressor of the central pumping of wheels allows each cylinder to withstand up to seven bullet holes, not to mention nails. And not everyone can remove and put such a wheel. Clarify this moment. At first glance it seems that the car is four-wheeled, but - take a look! Between each pair on board there are two more wheels - smaller. There are pneumatic aviation tires inflated to 5.5-6.0 atm. Usually they are in a stowed position - tightened under the "belly". But they can be released by turning on the hydraulic drive, and then the BRDM will become four-axis. BUT?! On patency, he could only compete with the tank, what can I say about all kinds of Land Rover or even Hummer.

No wonder we constantly look back at this class of cars. Michael claims that his unique car can only be classified as a professional SUV. As evidence of which, he put a chrome-plated kenguryatnik from Lexus LS 470 on the nose of the car, fitting it in place. The function of the kenguryatnik is the only one - to show others who is who, and the role of the bumper is performed by a breaker located just below. When crossing water barriers, it can be raised to the level of the “deck”.

The BRDM standard equipment includes a 4-ton winch with a 30-meter cable. It is designed to be rescued from captivity of the armored vehicle itself, so pulling out of the swamp a stuck "helic" or the same Hummer is nothing for her.

However, it is difficult to imagine a situation when a winch is useful. The car is all-wheel drive, the tires are “toothy”, and the geometric cross-country ability is excellent (recall the additional wheels). The largest elevation angle is 30 °, the angle of heel is up to 25 °.

Although the circles around the car can be cut until late in the evening, it's time to go on an excursion into the cab. For this purpose, a specially constructed stepladder is standing near the car, and a chrome ladder is installed on the starboard side. Bold attempts to penetrate the cockpit as it is, Michael immediately suppresses. It is necessary to remove metal objects, remove shoes and put on plastic shoe covers (the eyes of Svyatoslav Fedorov are given to visitors at the center of microsurgery). Respirator is allowed not to wear … You can be stunned! We had already forgotten how surprised we were only by stepping into the garage. It is cleaner than other bathrooms - once. Two - the gates are curtained with a polyethylene canopy. Three - the machine itself (a big machine) is carefully wrapped in a polyethylene cover, which was seized to the case with masking tape. Our guide, who undertook to shoot the film, was instantly removed from this business. Mikhail cleverly took off the "tent" and said that he would replace it with a new one - although the polyethylene was safe!

Yeah, he literally blows dust off a car. This is not a disease or even a fad: Mikhail spent years of his life, millions of nerve cells and a breakthrough of money on his brainchild. All this is superimposed on natural scrupulousness and adherence to a clear army order. He has the right to demand from others the execution of a simple rule: not to crap.

Climbing through the top hatch with the camera is not as easy as it seems “from the ground” - I had to sit on the armor, spin and lower into the cabin, stepping carefully. And then another wave of a strange “long-playing” shock comes. The six-seater cabin is luxurious in yacht - it is finished with expensive, pleasant to the touch skin of "currency" color, carpet of the same shade, panels of varnished African oak. There is everything you can dream of: a satellite communications system, a fire extinguishing system, video and audio equipment, an echo sounder, a night vision device, GPRS navigation, a bar, a refrigerator, a periscope and more and more. There is no need to talk about such trifles as air conditioning. The attention of performers to details is again striking: for example, the lock of the hatch leading to the engine compartment, not anyhow, but of the Mul-T-Lock brand. Of course, chrome plated.

Having reached the engine compartment, we, of course, did not leave the engine without inspection. It is noticeable that the masters worked on it too: it is qualitatively painted, there is no hint of smudges, all the hoses are taken up in a metal braid, like on sports cars. Of course, the emphasis is not on appearance. The 5.5-liter V8 carburetor is boosted to 132 kW (180 hp). The regular ZMZ-41 develops 140 hp. at 3200 rpm The torque is 353 N.m in the range of 2000–2500 rpm. Of course, an increase of 40 forces for such a motor is not good news, but the car is able to honestly keep the speed of 120 km / h on the highway and up to 12 km / h on water. Where more ?! It is also worth considering the brutal appetite of the G8. True, the capacity of the fuel tanks cannot be called modest either, and it is believed that the power reserve at one gas station is 750 km. The tuning BRDM consumes gasoline in much the same way as the standard one: the weight of the additional equipment compensates for the lack of a tower, aerodynamics (if this term can be applied to the fortress on wheels) is slightly better.

Those who see the usual BRDM will confirm - the voice is terrifying. The "luxury" sound can be called pleasant - the engine runs softer, and tuning mufflers, Ultima brands. Please be convinced - they stand in their places above the engine, next to the hooks for towing on the water.

Unfortunately, we could not test the car on the move: persuasions were in vain, the car would have to be washed! But the owner and household say that it goes smoothly, accelerates briskly, slows down well, you can talk in the cockpit without raising your voice. There are no grounds for mistrust. Especially about the sound. Even the simplest audio system installed in this car can sound very high quality. And here are excellent components.

We have long been accustomed to a variety of exotic. It seems that the Moscow public spoiled by unusual cars can not be touched by anything. But BRDM, rolled to a bank or casino, will definitely cause a surge of emotions. And this is not such a fantastic picture - the car is registered with the traffic police, has the right to travel on public roads. In all respects, he is much cooler than newfangled jeeps. The equipment is closer to a small apartment than to a car. And it’s worth it - like a whole house.

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