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Oh Humorist
Oh Humorist

And this topic is automotive, he is not interested in “podetskie”, although from childhood.

- About cars I can talk for a very long time. When I was two or three years old, my dad bought a hunchbacked “Zaporozhets”, they were also called a tin can. I gave something about 600 rubles! But this iron did not go - either one broke, then the other. In the end, he presented it to a friend - in the hope that maybe he could fix it. Then my father saved a combi on a Lada - such a yellow pickup truck. He hacked a lot, and to get into the queue, he worked on a collective farm. He built a hospital there, for which the chairman first prescribed it in this village, and then helped with the purchase. Father was happy! I remember going with him, and he says to me: “Why is my car going badly? After all, I just bought it! You know, I’m a good driver. " Then it turned out that he was riding a handbrake - so carried away.

One of his acquaintances had a GAZ-69, so sometimes my father got behind the wheel, and me on his knees, pressed the gas and clutch, and I turned the steering wheel. Where was the thrill of driving! But we had fun away from the public, in the forest zone. Then I drove into a pit in the forest on my father’s “deuce”, after which I was forbidden to steer …

And here's a scary story. My dad and I went on his "deuce" fishing, ice fishing. There is such a ripus fish, and here we went to Sergeevskoe reservoir. Kazakhstan, minus 30–35, around the field, snow and a half meters, not a single tree, and somewhere on a country road the car got up. Father was confused. We opened the hood and realized that everything. Kranty. They began to freeze. An hour passed, I even offered to set fire to the car - maybe someone will see the fire and come to our aid. We ran to keep warm, but you won’t run far! Well, two hundred meters there and back - u, right from the snowdrift road … Hmm, we had a bottle of vodka, but it helped for some minutes. In general, it’s terrible - night, stars and cold. If we were in the forest, then, of course, we leaked gasoline, sawed off something and set it on fire, but here it’s a plain, as far as the eye can see. My father even began to say goodbye to me: "Yurochka, if I did something wrong, forgive me …"

And the drunk on the tractor saved us. His brother, as it turned out, had a wedding the next day. He stopped and began to honk at us. Father ran out: “Brother, dear! You are our savior!”And he says:“Do you have a drink?”We gave him a bottle of vodka. He drank, without stopping, we sat down in his cab, and I realized that I would live - they began to thaw my legs and arms … We hooked our car to the tractor and drove to the village. By the way, when we looked at how much we drove, it became even worse for us, because it was 45 km from the place where we broke down to the first village! That is, we would never have reached! And the village has seven houses …

By the way, I'm actually a professional driver! My first institute was engineering, the faculty of automotive and tractor, and the specialty - "Automobiles and motor vehicles"! I got the rights there, drove on a ZIL-130, on a truck, and once I remembered and knew all this economy. Now I can’t make out the engine, or rather, I can make it out, but then I won’t assemble it, hehe …

When the BUF theater and I went on tour to Germany, I bought myself the first car. Then I sold this “Lada” combi of red color to Gene Vetrov. Later in France he bought the "seven" - traveled to Europe. Then he sold: his father fell ill and needed money for the operation … There was also the G8 - a new one, I was already tired of used cars. And two years ago, the guys said: "Jura, you are entitled to an import car by its status." And I bought a Mitsubishi, a jeep.

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