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Do Not Fall Out Of The Saddle

Video: Do Not Fall Out Of The Saddle
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Do Not Fall Out Of The Saddle
Do Not Fall Out Of The Saddle

Seats "for sports" acquire many tuning lovers. If there is enough money - they buy branded imported ones, not enough - they are limited to popular domestic ones. They are covered with leather, equipped with ingenious heating and electrical adjustments, and then bragging to friends: “Solberg will be envious! And it’s so comfortable to sit!”Only Solberg himself (imagine for an instant the incredible), having seen such a craft in his own Subaru, would have kicked out the team mechanics …

The situation is really fantastic, as both riders and mechanics in a sports car recognize only one seat - the “bucket”. And put the real rally “buckets” to the boastful tuning lover - in a week the rheumatologist will complain.

Sports seats are made whole - that is, no adjustments! The base material on which the molded pillows are placed and the upholstery is stretched can be different. Previously, tubular steel frames were used, which are now a rarity. Fiberglass later appeared. Composite materials are now in use in big sports.

The durable skeleton of the “bucket” gives a guarantee that upon impact the seatback will not fall off the pillow, and therefore, the rider’s spine will not experience critical loads. Of course, you can break the “bucket”, but the forces here are incomparable …

The next function of sports “seats” is to hold the body securely so that the driver or navigator does not hit the racks, windows, doors, etc. This mission is performed by “buckets” in conjunction with special safety belts that are attached to the body at four or six points with special bolts (in race cars with safety arches, fastening to the rear cross member of the frame is possible). However, such belts will not help if the seat does not keep the body from lateral movements. That is why the “buckets” have such a developed lateral support - high sidewalls support the hips, back and, slightly expanding upwards, provide reliable head protection.

High strength together with a special design allows you to achieve the desired effect - in the case of a serious blow, when, say, the floor of the car is deformed, the person moves from place with the seat, remaining in a kind of cocoon of belts and the “bucket” itself.

It turns out that such seats are basic necessities. And we, of course, decided to check on our own back what it feels like to sit down in rally. We chose domestic Rider for installation: in addition to the low price, they have the most important quality for any athlete - homologation. It means one thing - the seats comply with the highest standards and with such will be allowed to start.

Of course, in the ideal case, the “bucket” is fitted to the figure of a particular rider, but, like any other individual work, it is expensive and takes a lot of time. So novice athletes (such as us) choose the most suitable “buckets” by model. There are several of them in the Rider catalog. We settled on the Champion model. It’s not that the name attracted attention … the main thing is that these “buckets” are designed for people of average build. Just what you need.

There are two options for mounting "buckets" - in the standard slide and tightly, welding to the floor. Despite the obvious advantages of the second option, the sled decided to leave nevertheless. Firstly, drivers will change places, and with a significant difference in growth, at least some adjustment is necessary. Secondly, the undersized main driver would still have to come up with an ingenious mounting design - if you put the “buckets” directly on the floor, the pilot taller than average will see only the dashboard and, if you're lucky, a narrow strip of road.

The installation on the slide had to be negotiated when acquiring the "buckets", so the craftsmen had to build an adapter for the "eight" slide. This is an option.

The installation process was not difficult. Just unscrew the bolts and studs for mounting the slide and remove the standard seats with them. We unscrew the sled and leave it, give the seats to our neighbor - let them arrange two sun loungers for themselves in the country. Afterwards we send the couch - the back seat can also be safely dismantled. If the car is two- or three-door, then you can climb back only through the trunk. Even if the rear doors are present, just above the rear sofa there will be long straps of 4-point safety belts, so sitting still will not succeed.

We slide the slide using standard fasteners to the “buckets” and fasten with standard bolts to the car body. That's all, now it's the turn of the belts.

There are also several mounting methods. The most reliable and safest, but dreary, is this: drill holes in the back of the body and weld reinforcing pads (one for each attachment point), into which then screw eyebolts (with heads in the form of rings) - it is convenient to fasten the belt clips for them. The second method is simpler and faster. He was chosen …

The regular belts must be cut and dismantled, and the latches should be fastened to the formed loops, originally bolted to the body nuts with regular bolts. In this case, the side straps cling to the eye of the lower fastening of a conventional belt and the bracket formed after dismantling its lock, and the shoulder straps to the bolts of the rear belts. True, with such mounts for serious competitions we will not be allowed. But for amateur ones, please. Well and good: for the time being we are not swinging a serious matter.

That's all, in fact … to fit the straps in size - and you can use it.

Note that in everyday use sports “buckets” with 4-point belts are a real punishment. The pilot’s first attempt to reach the cigarette lighter aroused the friendly laughter of his colleagues - tightly tied to the poor fellow’s seat, he couldn’t even tear himself away from the back and barely engaged fifth gear! Neither you imposingly relax, nor change your position in traffic, crawl in reverse, you need to learn again. The trajectory of movement can only be traced through the mirrors: even if you unfasten the belt, turn and look through the rear window, it still will not succeed - the wide “headrest”, cast at the same time with the back of the seat, interferes.

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