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Tuning "DEU-NEXIA"


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Tuning "DEU-NEXIA"
Tuning "DEU-NEXIA"

Daewoo Nexia DOHC GL

Body: sedan; number of doors - 4; number of seats - 5; equipped with a custom radiator grill; headlight protection, aerodynamic kit.

Engine: Daewoo DOHC, 1.5 L, 78 kW / 105 HP; Bosch control controller, tuned exhaust system with exhaust manifold, resonator and Asso silencer.

Suspension: non-standard rear springs of increased length.

Wheels: Wheels Zepp - 6, 5jx14, tires Kumho (summer) and Toyo (winter) dimension 185 / 65R14.

Equipment: Isotta steering wheel, pedals, MP3 JVC audio system with DLS speakers, Macaudio subwoofer, neon luggage compartment illumination.

Price: $ 14, 500, including improvements - $ 3, 000, audio systems - $ 2, 500.


It is generally accepted that the owners of the "Nexia" rarely expose their cars to mechanical alterations. As a rule, they try to isolate their swallow from a flock of like hers through cosmetic modifications. Our case is not one of these.

The machine presented here with a 16-valve engine in the GL configuration. She does not have weighting design of electric drives, power steering and other attributes in the performance of GLX. When buying, the owner proceeded from the principle: maximum power, minimum weight. A little later, I added this “Bosch” “chip” with a non-standard control program and a tuned exhaust system with a direct-flow muffler, and thus raised the engine power from 90 to 105 hp.

We got acquainted with the modified car, having at hand exactly the same "Nexia" in the usual factory equipment. The comparison showed that the tuning version of the engine "on the bottoms" is noticeably more fun. At high speeds, there is also a difference, but not so significant.

So, acceleration of the car became faster. Now you can move on. The misfortune that haunts all the owners of Nexia is the rear springs. From heavy loads, they sag strongly, and often break. They try to eliminate the disease in different ways: who adapts the springs from the Espero, and who implements the spacers. The owner of our "Nexia" decided not to go on the beaten track, but put the original products originally intended for this model. The manufacturer is unknown, but the springs were bought at a company parts store. And what? Manageability and smoothness practically did not suffer, but the trunk can now be loaded from the heart. Despite the fact that the new springs are 8 (!) Cm longer than the standard ones, the feed did not rise very noticeably.


The owner did not approach the form as demandingly as the content. Nevertheless, the car externally stands out with a new grille and headlight protection. Sporty surroundings give the 14-inch wheels in white with 185 / 65R14 tires and an exhaust pipe the size of a grenade launcher. And what does this “trunk" sound like!

It was possible to add color to the dull gray interior of the car, just putting shiny sports pedals and an Isotta steering wheel with a blue rim. The highlight of the interior tuning program was the audio system on the DLS and JVC components. Powerful clear sound is not a cheap pleasure: the “music lovers” ambitions cost the owner $ 2500.

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