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Video: Storm
Video: XXXTENTACION - Storm • [Prod. Reno] (audio) 2023, February

Owners of ML like this state of affairs. Supporting the legend, they pile up stroboscopes and “quacks” and, as they say, cut dividends. However, there are others - who care about individuality. These do not want to ride a "big black car."

The easiest way, of course, is to paint the car in a bright color. For example, in yellow or bright scarlet. At the worst, a “chameleon” will do. Let repainting is expensive, but both the look and image will change dramatically. However, you can go even further, as our friend ML owner did. The task assigned to the tuners of the MAG studio (St. Petersburg) was from the realm of fiction - to preserve the native color and only with drawings on the body to change the gloomy aura of the car. Of course, excluding from the plot green hares and other cartoons.

Designers understood and painted everything in the right spirit. 80% of the car’s surface was taken by an epic canvas - an assault on a fantastic fortress. Two armies, ready for battle and, which is noteworthy, completely different in composition, were located on the sides of the car. With them, the picture organically flows onto the hood. The bonnet depicts the calm before the storm, a quiet fortress in the fantasy genre, illuminated by the red glow and flashes of a distant night thunderstorm.

The hauling of the cabin and the ultramodern music system will come to the car later - MAG specialists are already picking up the skin and sketching out the layout of the speakers. But even with just one picture, ML has turned into an exclusive. Just great.

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