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Jealous Matilda

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Video: Matilda - Jealous (Lyric Video) 2023, February
Jealous Matilda
Jealous Matilda

- In Petersburg, I went to a driving school on Mokhovaya. My instructor was cool! But I passed the exam only the second time. But she took additional lessons - reversing, turning on a narrow road. Then, in the exam, I got these questions (smiles). As she began to ride - at first there was tension, constant attention on the road. Yes, this is everyone who drove the car, knows: at first you see only traffic lights and a few meters of the road in front of you, and then quietly begin to look around. All comes with experience. Now, when the road is slushy, I think sometimes: well, I would run through the yards to the theater, and that’s all! But no, I’m specially leaving for myself - a simulator … I have to. And so the machine often stands - I often go to the set.

Last fall, we were in China at a festival. I thought only in Russia such an impassability! It turns out there too. And on the roads - a solid buzz and beeping! Cars, rickshaws with carts, bicycles, pedestrians - everything is teeming with swarming! The contrast is striking - next to rusty rotten bicycles, chic limousines are standing on the sidelines. And everyone drives as they want! It seemed to me that there are no rules in principle. Often fly in the oncoming lane. We have a lot of that too. Traffic lights in Russia, unfortunately, are not for pedestrians. For example, in Europe, if red is lit, a person will stand rooted to the spot. Even if there are no cars. And we have? He looked - no one was there - and went. And then it flies around the corner … Why endanger yourself and the drivers? What for? And when parents with children cross the road in the wrong place? The child will get used to it and, having matured, will not relearn. I remember myself when I was a student: you run away somewhere and don’t look at all where the crosswalk is! It only stopped that a three-ruble note would be torn off.

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