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Save The Flippers

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Save The Flippers
Save The Flippers

To create a unique image of your own car was not too difficult, especially if everything is fine in the shower, head and pocket. Just a few touches - and now your brand new SUV will not get lost in the stream: a massive kangaroo, stainless steel sills and a “tattoo” all over the body - this is enough.

But here a couple of seasons pass. During this time, the owner will change several sets of discs to the pet, pat it, scratch the interior and the shiny body, remember the bumper … In the case of “our” car - Toyota RAV4 - the interior remained in order, but the rest … The welding rusted on the “kenguryatnik” seams. Body varnish, which experienced all types of rainfall and types of car wash, was covered by risks and faded. Merry dolphins, clearly reviving the SUV, was frankly sorry. Their presence has long gone into the habits of the owner of the “Ravik”, and did not want to change the animals for something new. Dolphins had to save, update the picture. Call to the St. Petersburg company MAG - and the order is accepted.

Young firms are good because they are not afraid of work. Other experienced masters would refuse to restore, not promising large profits with the obvious complexity of the process. But here the question is acute - you need to create a name, forge a reputation, any work is a plus.

Of course, the guys suggested improving the storyline. But the host of RAV4 flatly refused any additional elements. Revive, they say, flippers - that's all.

The artists of the company coped with dolphins smartly - in just a few days the car was just painted. The car received a couple of little things for style - nice lining on the front optics and a deflector on the hood. But this is so, improvements can not be considered. The most important thing is restoration. Although this word sounds strange to a fairly new car …

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