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Ready For Jumping

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Ready For Jumping
Ready For Jumping

The part is cheap, set quickly, and everyone who knows how to hold a drill and a rasp in their hands will cope with the task. If the car is expensive - the owner will think a hundred times before you make a hole in the hood. When the price is three kopecks on a market day, the hand will not flinch.

Meanwhile, our market has become so rich that a fabulous goldfish looks like a miserable sprat. There is everything! Do not want to drill the hood, but still decorate the hunt? Especially for you there is an option - stickers imitating sports locks. And with the choice of brands and models. A different degree of reliability is possible - from absolutely accurate imitation (from metal) to gross fakes. Take well.

But this part came from motorsport. Remember how much is done in sports for the sake of beauty (all the more dubious)? So we insist: locks are by no means a useless element! A hood will open somewhere from a blow - and write is lost: if just the windshield breaks - it's not so bad, but you can fly into the forest! In the same slobber who drives with an unlocked lock, it happens that the hood opens on a regular road. Be that as it may, it is better to overdo it …

The insurance against such troubles would, of course, be welding. But sometimes it is necessary to do repair or, say, “non-freezing” pour. Do not open every time with a can opener! No, guys, the hood should not only close securely, but also be easy to open. Athletes solve this problem radically: they throw out a regular lock with a cable. Sports locks allow you to open the "motor cover" right from the street instantly - an invaluable advantage, say, in a fire, when the crew cannot get out of the car on their own.

So, our verdict is clear: on a sports car, such a thing is necessary! And if so, we take up the drill.

There are several types of locks, differing in the number and size of parts, with cables, without cables, anodized and made of bare metal. We saw the most different and bizarre designs right down to the usual door locks (the car itself cannot be described out of sincere pity). They chose the simplest and most effective type. It is such locks that flaunt on sports and tuning cars of different teams and individual enthusiasts.

Everything is simple here. In the panel (the shelf above the "TV"), you need to make holes, pass through them a thick pin with a thread and an eye at the end. The thread is needed to adjust the height of the tab of the eye with respect to the plane of the hood and fix the pin with two nuts. Then, in the hood, drill holes for the pins and rivets and install the lock itself (a housing with a groove in which the pin and snap ring retainer move freely).

In total, only 10 holes need to be done - the work seems to be simple. But accuracy is very important - the operability of the structure completely depends on it. So before you pick up a drill, it would be nice to remember the proverb and measure, if not seven times, then at least two, carefully. Otherwise, it will take a long time to finish the lock with a file. The installation diagram is elementary. You just need to choose the right place on the panel - because there is a risk of perforating the headlight housings, horn, radiator and other useful systems, getting into the frame stamping or the hood amplifier (in the latter case, the pins will stand crooked and have to be straightened with a hammer). Usually such a space is closer to the wings. Carefully mark the places of future holes for the pins. We used a “multitool” type tool for this - we simply put it on the panel, pushing the awl vertically upward, and closed the hood - the dent that was printed on the outside of the hood and became the starting point. You can go another way, less accurate - to arm yourself with a marker.

We take out the awl, close the hood … We gain air into the lungs (crucial moment). Gathered with the spirit, we drill! “The most difficult thing is to make the first hole in your own car, the rest will go easier,” a wise colleague advises. We leak right away, in one step - and the hood, and the upper bar of the "TV" to solve the problem of alignment of the holes. We insert the pins, adjust their height above the hood and tighten the nuts, fixing the pin with a screwdriver. Now it's the turn of the castles themselves. We put them in a working position, make sure everything is exactly neat and again with an awl we designate holes for rivets or bolts (rivets came with locks, but they decided to refuse them - there is an idea to repaint the car, the locks will have to be removed). We drill, fasten the locks … Is that all? Yes, exactly, it works!

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