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To Moscow! To Moscow


Video: To Moscow! To Moscow

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Video: India to Russia (New delhi to Moscow) in Aeroflot, Russian Airlines || Complete guide. 2023, January
To Moscow! To Moscow
To Moscow! To Moscow

According to BMW, the new Mini XXL voyage was launched from Munich on March 3, 2005 and in early June a limousine will arrive in the capital.

Wherever this car appears, it invariably collects a mass of onlookers. A record-breaking crowd took place at the 2004 Athens Olympics, where the limousine served as a mobile advertisement - the Olympics, the American atelier, BMW with Mini Cooper, and even the MTV channel broadcasting the "life" of XXL.

The strangest thing that is in the six-wheeled six-meter and six-seater Mini is the jacuzzi pool. It can be opened or closed by a sliding plastic roof. Two bathers are fit in the pool, and you can splash around on the go. It is clear that a young “advertising” couple in the jacuzzi is included in the standard package of the limousine.

The obvious advantage of a water tank is its ease of maintenance. There are no problems with filling, and to drain the water, it is enough to “remove the cork” from the drain neck by pressing the special button. Good, by the way, a device for a good-natured joke on bathers.

It is assumed that in June in Moscow it will be about as hot as in Greece, so there will be no end to those who want to get into the pool on wheels. However, not everyone gets there …

Of course, the standard Cooper S engine is not enough to carry such a mass. Therefore, the studio installed a set of parts for motor tuning from John Cooper Works - now the dynamics are more or less acceptable. A stiffer sport suspension turned out to be just right!

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