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Lacquer And Delicate Beast

Video: Lacquer And Delicate Beast
Video: 《国家宝藏》 20180128 【National Treasure】 周冬雨古装加身 化身“玉女”守卫良渚古城 | CCTV综艺 2023, February
Lacquer And Delicate Beast
Lacquer And Delicate Beast

The wheeled “classic” for such people is attractive primarily because of the ability to create a work entirely exceptional, unlike anything else. But only if you have a taste can you turn an ordinary old car into a car, causing admiring glances on the street and gathering crowds in the parking lot. Taste should be multiplied by interesting ideas. The more spectacular and brighter the reincarnation, the more positive emotions the exhibit evokes.

Who do you think this formidable beast was? Charming Ukrainian typewriter, a hero of jokes, a “buzzer” …

Old top, new bottom

The rear-engine "buzz" is guessed in our hero without much difficulty - the authors of the project tried to maintain the factory style. True, it gives only the upper half of the body: from the native parts remained the roof, hood, trunk and doors. Spectacular powerful bottom with wings inflated to the limit as if taken from a serious supercar. This is just an impression. In fact, all the elements that are lower than the door handles are copyright, piece work. Wings and sills are made of fiberglass. All non-standard details are inscribed in the overall style simply flawlessly and do not raise questions “why exactly?”. Designers have repeatedly experimented with gypsum matrices before finding the best shape.

But instead of the heart …

The "kid" can boast of an "adult" engine 18 NE (displacement - 1.8 l, 115 hp), borrowed from Opel Ascona. He was placed on the regular Opel spars, also taken from a donor car, in place of the rear seat. So the once rear-engine "humpback" turned into a "car" with a central location of the power unit. In order to dock the foreign elements with the body, I had to use a fragment of the bottom from … the Zaporozhye Tavria. And as the rear suspension - the front from the same Ascona, along with wheel drives and hubs. A simple and elegant solution! Naturally, there is nothing to do with the standard gearbox in this “set” - it was replaced by a 3-speed “automatic” of German production.

In order for the light and rather powerful car to keep the road well, the front mounted suspension from the "tens" and put it on large alloy wheels of dimension 205 / 45R16. Ventilated disc brakes are installed "in a circle."

Unusual luxury

The interior of the original “constipation” can rightfully be considered the standard of asceticism and utilitarianism. There is absolutely nothing superfluous. But behind a bright green door (opens against traffic, like four decades ago), a completely modern and carefully thought-out interior is hidden, in which details of Japanese cars are used, and not the cheapest. For example, the dashboard is from Mazda Xedos, the seats and the steering column along with the steering wheel are from Toyota Supra (!). And of course, there are electric mirrors, power windows and even gas tank filler caps, a central lock and security system, air conditioning and a sunroof with a solar fan.

In the trunk (that is, in front) are the radiators of the engine and the air conditioner, the gas tank, the brake master cylinder along with the booster. Power steering and air conditioning pumps found their place near the engine.

The machine is equipped with a serious audio installation: a 3-way front was placed in the doors, and a powerful subwoofer with an amplifier was installed behind the seats. The scheme looks pretty simple, but the sound quality allowed the author of the car, Alexander Ivanovich Yakubchuk, to perform adequately at car audio competitions, although victories in the “music” championships were not at all a goal.

For the soul

But in fact, what was the goal? And not even an external effect or serious “mincemeat”: the silhouette of a “buzzer” familiar from childhood evokes nostalgia for the time when people seriously built communism.

It is curious that in Zaporozhye, where Alexander Ivanovich lives, the hunchbacked “Zaporozhets” did not become a collector's rarity. There are enough of them for club fans, who keep ZAZ in an authentic state, and for craftsmen who turn “humpbacked” cars into sports cars.

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