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Make It Brighter
Make It Brighter

This BMW M3 spent a considerable part of its life under the motto: "I am just like everyone else, only faster." Like many German sports cars, a charged "Bavarian" is not endowed with the creators of a vivid image. The maximum that designers decided on is to paint part of the cars in red.

This M3 is not among the "lucky". And, perhaps, he would have lived until the end of his days if the next owner had not decided to decorate it.

It is known that the main advantage of the M3 is its violent disposition. "Powerful" engine produces 321 hp at 7400 rpm, tuning it is very problematic. However, the owner of the car is not afraid of difficulties. Installing a compressor is difficult, expensive, and risky. Therefore, the owner of the M3 took up the intake, exhaust and fuel supply systems. Delivered a low-resistance filter K&N, tuned issue of the German brand G-Power. Changed the timing, and in the fuel line raised the pressure to 5.4 bar! As the tuners estimate, 10-15% of the power was added, which is quite a lot.

Manageability coupe "sharpened." By car appeared adjustable shock absorbers, sports springs and stretching the front struts. For beauty, they adjusted the hub spacers and wide wheels of Hamann Motorsport.

About ten years ago, Hamann Motorsport experts placed the most powerful V8 from the M5 model under the hood of the M3. Just for that - exclusive - car, a body kit was developed, a copy of which flaunts on our coupe. Unusually wide wheel arches are striking. Visually, they are supported by convex sills and wide wheels. The base of the front bumper remained, but thanks to the side spoilers and the mesh in the central air intake, the view became more aggressive.

Head optics - “angel eyes” Hella, xenon with original direction indicators. But the “Emka” looks the brightest from the stern - as if spread from the ground by speed! The Hamann wing and a visor on the rear window enhance the effect.

The “Bavarian” interior is no less interesting: here, the bright style and impeccable ergonomics are mixed in equal proportions. MOMO accessories (steering wheel and gear knob) work on the image, and the combination of Alcantara trim and the Clarion hi-end music system create coziness.

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