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After Reading - Burn

Video: After Reading - Burn
Video: Burn After Reading Official Trailer #1 - Brad Pitt Movie (2008) HD 2023, February
After Reading - Burn
After Reading - Burn

Dear Carl!

I understand your passionate desire to further increase engine power, and I sympathize with your indignation that the British and Americans are already catching up (and possibly catching up) with us in terms of power and speed. However, I dare to assure you that the controllability and maneuverability of our machines can still be considered unsurpassed.

And yet, going to meet your wishes and the wishes of your comrade and excellent engine engineer Otto Behrens, we went on to further increase the power of the motor. All the same BMW engine will be released in modification S. Its power will increase from 1560 hp. up to 1700 hp The working volume will remain the same - 41.81 liters, power will be added by increasing the compression ratio, changing the gas distribution phases, using lightweight (hollow) valves with larger diameter plates, increasing the boost pressure, as well as higher-capacity injectors. We will leave the candles as before, with four side electrodes.

There are more joyful news. We reviewed your notes and calculations regarding the installation of the new product - nitrous oxide injection, sent by you in July, and not only approved them, but already developed and tested such a system. This engine in the D-2 modification will be equipped with a system called GM-1, which, due to the injection of nitrous oxide supercharger into the exhaust pipe, will allow for a short time to increase engine power to 2100 hp However, approximately the same results were achieved by us using the MW-50 system, with injection of water-methanol mixture into the engine cylinders.

I sincerely hope that your team, the Erprobungsstaffel-190 team, will be able to stand up for itself in a difficult fight.

PS. Say hello to me from the Condor team veteran Walter Adolf. I hope that with the new engine he will overcome the hated Blenheim by Cyril Babbage.

PPS And you drew the dragon on the hood in vain. The Teutonic emblem would be better for your car.

Testing Center, Rechlin.

September 11, 1941 Sincerely, Kurt Tank.

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