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Waiting For The Summer Season


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Waiting For The Summer Season
Waiting For The Summer Season

Here AvtoVAZ summed up the results of 2004 and said: selling prices for Lada cars increased by 8.5%. “Thus, the increase in selling prices for our cars lags significantly behind the inflation rate,” they sweetened the pill in Tolyatti. It pleases (inflation rate in 2004 in Russia amounted to 11.7%), while you do not have to pay for a new "top ten" …

According to experts, a tangible increase in sales volumes, and after that, price growth was expected only by the end of March. According to tradition, on the eve of the summer season, different station wagons will be in high demand.

The weighted average prices for Lada cars in Russia as a whole in February 2005 increased by only 0.5%. At the same time, retailers in Moscow are growing slightly faster than in Togliatti, and the difference is very noticeable: at the beginning of March it averaged 7.6 thousand rubles!

In the VAZ model range, the change in “retail” is uneven. The prices for the “classics” are growing most rapidly: for February alone - by 1.1%.

Most expensive Izhevsk "fours" (demand for station wagons!). In March, they already cost an average of 151.4 thousand rubles (3.1% more than in January). But the cheapest “five” can still be purchased at a price of 114 thousand rubles in Togliatti and from 118 thousand in Moscow, as well as in January. Our most popular "seven" and at all for the winter fell in price by 1% (on average - 128 thousand rubles). It is understandable: the "classic" is not the most convenient car when there is ice and drifts all around …

At the beginning of March, Samara family cars cost an average of 189.5 thousand rubles in salons, which is 0.4% higher than January prices. The average price of models of the "tenth" family in February has not actually changed - 233 thousand rubles. The most affordable among the VAZ "ten" is still an eight-valve sedan 21101 with an engine of 1.6 liters. Its price is from 217–220 thousand rubles. With the end of winter, prices for the “old” Lada Niva crawled down slowly: you can still find a short-base one for less than 200 thousand rubles.


And what awaits us next? So far, the focus of domestic marketers is on the most popular models of new foreign cars in the price range of 10-12 thousand dollars. In the near future, changes can be expected: Avtoframos has already announced that the price of the Logan of the Russian assembly will start from 8999 dollars (in Romania from $ 6, 700!). Apparently, vazovtsy will have to sweat pretty hard to gain a foothold in the niche "up to $ 9 thousand."

A special talk about UAZ. His new base model “Patriot”, which is expected this summer, will cost 12 thousand dollars, and in the configuration “comfort” (with power accessories and air conditioning) - about 15 thousand! Ulyanovsk boldly invade someone else’s territory, where the Chevrolet-Niva all-terrain vehicles (in a rich configuration) and KIA-Sporting reign today. Of course, we sing a song to the madness of the brave, but so far we will refrain from forecasts …

In the camp of foreign cars

Most dealers of foreign companies completed the "winter-spring sales" with significant discounts for 2004 cars.

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