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Do Not Breathe

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Do Not Breathe
Do Not Breathe

With the advent of injection engines on VAZ cars, a lot of sealed connectors appeared in the engine compartment wiring, primarily on the injection harness. Most owners have no complaints about the operation of these connectors, but there are exceptions to this rule. So, the speed sensor connector located, to put it mildly, in a dirty place, is not sealed! Therefore, the failures associated with it are natural.


The main problems for the owner of the “dozens” arise due to the vagaries of the connectors inherited from the previous carburetor models.

Here is one of the most important - a two-pin polarized fan motor connector in the engine cooling system (photo 1). This is a real time bomb, as pollution or oxidation of electrical contacts usually causes the motor to stop. In an inattentive car owner, it turns into an overheated motor, serious damage to it and subsequent expensive repairs. We show the “defenseless" connector in a still fresh state - and it happens that only a bunch of oxides remain from the electrical contacts. Meanwhile, it is not difficult to avoid such a disaster - there are all kinds of dielectric greases on sale that do not affect the operation of the connector, but do not allow corrosion. (The author has repeatedly been convinced of their effectiveness.) If the car owner does not have the opportunity to buy such a lubricant, you can do otherwise. Here is one of the options: release the wires from the plastic blocks, connect in pairs - and carefully insulate each joint. Do not mix the wires, otherwise the rotor of the electric motor will rotate in the opposite direction, and you will have new questions!

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