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You Can’t Relax With Him


Video: You Can’t Relax With Him

Video: You Can’t Relax With Him
Video: Doja Cat - Rules (Official Video) 2023, December
You Can’t Relax With Him
You Can’t Relax With Him

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The design of the frame, long-stroke suspensions, a high-speed engine and responsive handling - all this fell on me all at once, it was worthwhile to “remove” the carburetor enrichment and spur a 2-stroke “single-barrel” from the heart. To decisively gain speed and send the Blaster into a skid, I “played” him with a wide wheel and worked with a 6-speed gearbox. Alas, here, like on all other Yamahas, it suffers from tough shifts and a slurred “arrival” of “neutral” at low speed. But these costs are not so great if you got a blue-and-white handsome man, "trained" and perform "aerobatics", and quickly disperse in a tiny area. How does he do it? It's simple: a continuous rear axle, toothy tires, a forced engine, a gearbox with close gear ratios and disc brakes on all wheels. Nobody has come up with the best kit for “making” competitors.

This Yamaha is not a walking machine that you want to dump gas to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Breathtaking accelerations at the exits of the turns and lightning-fast, as powerful as the engine's reactions to the movement of the gas knob force us to look for desert areas where you can realize the speed talents of the quad.



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