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Construction Of The Passed
Construction Of The Passed

Everything is fine, only the Russian market was not very ready for this: in July-September last year, the maximum sales volume was recorded, and immediately after that there was a decline in sales, and then in October-December and production. This hit Izh-Avto most of all: in the last two months only 25% of cars from the level reached by the plant in June-August have been collected here.


As a result, according to the results of 2004, Izh-Avto managed to exceed the level of 2003 in the production of passenger cars by 5.3%. In 2004, the leading Russian manufacturer, AvtoVAZ, worked very stably. Over the course of the year, he repeatedly revised upstream plans and eventually produced about 718 thousand cars - 2.6% more than in 2003. The growth of production at GAZ: despite serious problems in the IV quarter, 65 686 Volga cars were assembled there - 15.7% more than in 2003.

The highest relative growth, as we have repeatedly noted, was achieved at enterprises that set up assembly of foreign-made cars in Russia. They had no sales problems. TagAZ collected 5 times more cars in 2004 than in 2003, and JM-AvtoVAZ JV - 2.6 times. Ford Motor Company manufactured 29, 703 cars - an increase of 1.83 times. Almost 15, 000 cars were assembled at AvtoTOR (a 1.7-fold increase). In general, over the year all these enterprises produced more than 133 thousand cars, which is 2.3 times higher than the level of 2003 and makes up 12% of the total production of cars in Russia (in 2002 their share was only 1.1%, and 2003 - 5.3%).

If we make a rating of the popularity of models on the Russian market in 2004, then in the first place we have … the VAZ “seven”. Yes, yes, the one that was created on the basis of the "best car in Europe in 1964" - FIAT-124 (released over 171 thousand), followed by (hip-hip, hooray!) "Ten", "Samara" ("Lada- 2114”and 2115), the hatchback“Lada-2112”… In sixth place - the baby“Oka”(over 60 thousand pieces), then the Russian-American Chevrolet Niva, Volga GAZ 31105 and the VAZ“five”and "six". Only at the beginning of the second ten does the modern Ford Focus appear on the list. Not too gratifying, but a couple of years ago there were no foreign brands at all.


What to expect this year? Different organizations and manufacturers expressed completely different forecasts regarding the Russian automobile industry and the development of the car market - from extremely pessimistic to super-optimistic. Be that as it may, AvtoVAZ intends to produce over 730 thousand cars (excluding car kits for external assembly enterprises), GAZ, KamAZ, SeAZ and Izh-Avto - at least, to maintain the previous production volumes. True, they all do not have too many reasons for vigor - the demand for "classic" models, despite low prices, is slowly falling. Izh-Avto plans to discontinue Odu and Fabula by 2008, the vazovskaya classics expire, and Volga will not live forever! And if AvtoVAZ has developed strategic development plans, then the rest of the "old" car plants have a more difficult situation. There is only one way out - bet on the assembly of foreign models. That is the path Izh-Avto took, where this year they launch the KIA Spectra series, and the next, according to some reports, another model. The Russian auto industry expects production growth due to the assembly of foreign cars. GM-AvtoVAZ JV is going to produce 75 thousand cars, TagAZ - 70 thousand, Ford (Vsevolozhsk) - 35 thousand, AvtoTOR - 30 thousand. If we consider only existing enterprises (and promise to open another others!), then the share of foreign models in 2005 should grow to 16.6% of the total production of cars in Russia, and by 2010 reach almost 30%.

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