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Lightweight, agile and easy to drive,”the Ducati press release reported on the Multistrada 620 motorcycle.“And that's true,”I agreed as I rode through the mountain streamers of Sicily, guiding this bike with a small V-engine through a series of cool It’s terribly slippery because it’s just turned into rain with snow, I didn’t get a tooth, my hands got frozen, but I could (could!) control the device.

I arrived at the base where we, the testers were being gathered, shivering and soaking wet. I was very sorry that this new instance from the Ducati family is not equipped with heated handles and hand guards, like on cross bikes (and they are named in the list of accessories). But I turned it down - thanks already for the fact that the “small” Multistrada responded to what it did in the press release and didn’t let it down - it is well controlled even on a cold mountain road, it didn’t require too much effort - my stiff muscles could not stand the extra loads. Who knew that such an annoyance would fall on evergreen Sicily!

… Two years have passed since the appearance of the Multistrada 1000DS. To Ducati was an attempt to offer customers a more versatile bike than traditional racing with V-twins. Despite the unflattering reviews about the high "growth" of the motorcycle and the "non-productive" appearance, Multi, however, soon became a bestseller. Last year alone, 4000 units of these bikes rolled off the conveyors - a considerable share of the total production of the plant in Bologna. Success encouraged Ducati executives to continue implementing the plans for the creation of the Multistrada family, and this year the same “charged” model 1000SDS and more “calm” - 620 will appear on the market. What is important: the latter should be a mixture of the first Multistrada and Monster 620ie, as well as incorporate all the technical innovations used on the three previous models of the family.


The bike has the same 618 cc air-cooled V-engine with fuel injection system as the Monster 620, equipped with a desmodrome timing drive with two valves per cylinder and the original Ducati’s “slipping” clutch (ARTS), which prevents rear locking wheels when shifting gears "down". Maximum power has not changed - 63 liters. with. at 9500 rpm; The maximum torque remained the same - 55.9 N.m at 6750 rpm.

A plastic gas tank from its intended place continues under the seat - as on a Multistrada with a large engine. A simpler design made it possible to lower the seat by 20 mm, and under it there was a place for a compact boot. But the large space in the fairing area, saved on the liter Multistrada, disappeared somewhere.

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