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But For What I Love A Cowboy

But For What I Love A Cowboy
But For What I Love A Cowboy

Everyone knows AMG, Alpina and Mugen … Have you heard of Le Marc? But this is also a “court” tuning studio. For Derways.

Suppose, not everyone has heard of Derways. But in vain - a lot of interesting things can be told about the Circassian project. For example: Derways Automobile Company is the only private car company in Russia. Unprecedented! Or this: the path from the idea to the first production model (August 2003) took one year - fantastically small by general standards.

As you can see, this is an SUV. He, in general, "Circassian", was called Cowboy for some reason, and the set of components and assemblies is a bit confusing: this is a real international. In general, if you want to know more about Derways 3131, please visit

We know where we are inviting, - we examined the site carefully. For example, they deducted that already in 2004 the company planned to produce 5, 000 cars. True, the circulation was more modest. But still, the first buyers saddled a new SUV and found that it needed a remake …

Hence, the ambitions of the Le Mark company in Moscow are clear. The trend, of course, is surprising - to engage in tuning a barely released car with a whole volume of "childhood diseases"! But recall: “Le Marc” is a “court” studio, working in full agreement with the factory. No amateur activities: two friendly enterprises that perform different functions with one common goal - to provide the consumer with a quality product.

Some tricky way, however, many will say, but they will fall, as Carlson used to say, into the sky. Because manufacturers have nothing to do with this situation: they have enough worries even without organizing a tuning division - they say they buy a whole plant in Romania, in the homeland of ARO, one of the culprits of the birth of Cowboy.

All responsibility for the creation of a Derway tuning studio in Moscow rests with the Le-Marc official dealer. A couple of years ago, it was known only in the field of car accessories trade, but with the advent of Cowboy, the company management decided that it made sense to look for happiness in the sale of cars, especially since there were no competitors in Moscow. Now, however, one has appeared.

The idea of ​​tuning cars that you sell is not original. 90 percent of official and gray dealers do this. The "courtiness" of the Moscow center arose when it became clear that the catalog of improvements does not contain a couple of styling accessories, but all in a circle. Moreover, a number of positions in the catalog are exclusive, some of their own production.

The order in question has arrived in Moscow from Karachay-Cherkessia itself! Equally, if the owner of the “nine”, a resident of Togliatti, drove his “swallow” to the capital to install a complete set of parts of Togliatti production.

So, the standard seats left the cabin in the first place. It is on them that owners most often complain. Moscow tuners have experience installing the interior from Opel Monterey, but this time only the front seats were taken from a German SUV. The sofa was adapted from the Land Cruiser 100. We designed it in one style, which we will not mention. The main thing is that the customer likes.

Stylized and other interior details. Signature rugs were laid on the floor, and neon lamps were cut into the lower ends of the doors. Okay, let it - sometimes extra lighting is useful.

The inexpressive plastic dashboard was ennobled with cute wood trim - another Le-Mark know-how (these parts are covered in Moscow patterns in Turkey). And in the center of all the splendor is a huge multi-color display of a trip computer with a set of buttons, which the Su-17 would envy. The knob of the gear lever was replaced by a more … expressive, chrome-plated. Immersed in the restrained colors of the interior, the chrome ball looks a bit alien. But if you look at the car from the outside, everything becomes clear: it glitters!

Moreover, there is enough chrome in the exterior. And the rest of the “improvement” looks like those berries that come after the flowers of salon modifications.

The wheels, as in the picture, are optionally mounted on the Cowboy. But it looks much better than regular ones. At least cooler.

The rest is tuning in its purest form. Massive kengurin and stainless steel thresholds are a special development of Le-Mark, and they are produced at the Soyuz-96 enterprise. For the "typesetting" radiator grill in the spirit of Japanese accessories for SUVs now go from all over the country. There is less demand for roof rails, because not everyone will see glitter on a high roof. However, those seeking to achieve harmony take them in a set.

A complete set of tuning also includes chromed "decimal" door handles and large mirrors in the same Japanese-off-road style, with chrome bodies. On the back door there is a plastic spare tire box with a metal edging.

The headlights are trendy, lens (they shine brighter), with tinted glass. There are additional lights and underbody lights. But the peak, of course, is the chrome hitch. Decorated so soundly that no one dares to defile his polished sides with the drawbar of a trailer.

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