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Video: Siegfried
Video: Обзор крейсера Siegfried // Снайпер или мастер ПМК? 2023, February

Only when comparing several projects built on the same base do you realize how many-sided modern automobile tuning is.

You do not have to go far for an example. It’s enough to go to Germany. Please, there are many tuning studios specializing in Bavarians: AC Schnitzer, Hamann, G-Power … Everyone has already submitted 645Ci tuning programs, in which external styling is a must. And now, Hartge spoke for colleagues. Their "six" - tuning from tuning.

These huge "nostrils" … They will probably seem awful to someone, and Chris Bang could have fainted at all (because he tried to make them small). Ventilation niches creeping to the sides make this composition look like a fireplace in a country house. The analogy is not obvious, but the dimensions are quite comparable. The remaining elements suggest that if anyone wanted dynamics, then Hartge first of all needed an external effect. Such styling in English is called model athletic …

And the German tuners got what they wanted. Involuntarily you recall the Crusades and the Teutonic Knights. See the sparkling armor, the outline of the knight’s shields, the slanting of the helmet’s viewing slots and some kind of heraldic combination of Hartge signature colors? Oh, the image of Siegfried haunts the Germans …

Of course, the Hartge tuning package for the BMW 645Ci includes more than just a body kit. Engine modifications allowed to raise its maximum power to 420 hp (313 kW), and the torque is up to 520 N.m at 3600 rpm. The volume of the V8 is increased to 5.1 liters.

Contrary to usual, German tuners did not push the car to the asphalt. Clearance reduced modestly - only an inch. And this is offset by 21-inch wheels. Tires Hartge experts recommend two brands - Continental or Pirelli. The size of the front - 255 / 30ZR21, the rear - 295 / 25ZR21.

Even though the 6-series is lightweight in aluminum, the car weighs 1, 695 kg. This is a real carcass, and it needs to be stopped somehow. Therefore, the front brakes are replaced. Now there are 380 mm discs and

8-piston calipers. The back is simpler - the wheels are the same size, but the pistons are smaller.

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