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Girl From The Salt Industry

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Girl From The Salt Industry
Girl From The Salt Industry

In September 1941, on the southern front of the military commander Simonov, a girl, Pasha Anoshchenko, drove the emka. Before the war, she worked in the salt industry. From there I left on the director's “emka”, which, together with the driver, were taken by our units retreating from Crimea.

“We got into the car with Pasha and, making our way along the humid, cut by ditches and wire-drawn ground, we drove to the front edge. After two kilometers, the Germans began to shoot. Mines lay thicker in front of us, then an open field began. We left Pasha with the car in the coppice and went on foot. “You can’t go further, Pasha!” She shrugged displeasedly …

And then what happened then …

… Regimental mortars had to be moved closer to the front edge,”writes Simonov. - They were waiting soon. They killed horses and the soldiers needed to roll them manually under fire.

… And suddenly, “emka” popped up from behind the grove. She flew behind us and disappeared behind the hill. A white kerchief flickered in the cab, behind, in tow behind the car, bouncing on bumps - a mortar with charging boxes. It was so unexpected that the Germans did not have time to shoot, and a series of mines fell far behind the car that had slipped across the field. In the course of the message, the company commander got to us.

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