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Country Of The Deaf


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: «Страна глухих», 1998 2023, January
Country Of The Deaf
Country Of The Deaf

Timely. Very relevant! But is it possible in the capital, with its busy traffic flows, perpetual traffic jams and - often! - rude drivers? We decided to test this in practice, for which we joined the crew of the ambulance Central Moscow substation, team 38/1, for several hours. To help us, the crew of the 6th traffic police department of the traffic police of Moscow was assigned to us.

We start from the well-known clinic to them. Sklifosovsky bright day. The rush hour is still far away, there are no traffic jams and natural disasters, but the traffic is dense.


Paramedic Natalya wearily wonders: “What, will you write about how we are being cut, they will not let us through, like they are rude? Yes, every day we leave, as if to war. At night, by the way, it’s not easier.” The driver Alexander echoes her: “I’ve been on the ambulance for more than 15 years, so for the last three or four years they haven’t put us in a penny. It’s like they have two lives!”

The layout of our “operation” is as follows: an ambulance includes a siren and flashing beacons, occupies the left lane and travels along a certain route. We hope that, according to the SDA, they will always give way to us. If not, the guys from the 6th Division will come to the rescue on their gaudy Ford (he rides behind, at some distance from us). The punishment for this offense is rather considerable - a fine of 300-500 rubles. or even deprivation of the right to control for a period of 1 to 3 months (Article 12.17 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation). Since we only “simulate” life situations, we agreed that the inspectors would not punish violators, confining themselves to strict verbal suggestion.


Touch This is not the first trip for our team today (the rest were real), and Natalya shares her fresh impressions: “In the morning we are carrying a pregnant woman. She, poor thing, cannot lie on a stretcher - it hurts, she can only sit leaning with one barrel … Sasha therefore goes fast, but carefully so as not to shock. And here one “eagle” rushes from row to row and cuts us into the insolent several times - in a hurry! And then, apparently, he was “offended” that we did not give way to him, overtook us and how he was slowed down in the left lane, right in front of us! Sasha’s reaction is good, but can you imagine what the pregnant woman experienced?”

We leave on the Garden ring, turn on the siren, “flasher” and - we go. The raid has begun! So far, everyone is letting us in: the new BMW “seven” - one, the old Golf - two, the old Volkswagen - three … Now we have the stern of the Toyota-RAV4 off-road vehicle. We, along with all the “flashing lights” and coloring, have zero attention. “Well,” Natasha says tiredly, “here’s a classic case for you; chokes, but the ambulance will not miss. " For some time, Toyota stubbornly drives in the left lane, until a Ford with a traffic police detachment appears at the back and does not require stopping. At the wheel of foreign cars - a middle-aged man, quite intelligent looking. Checking documents (everything is in order!), Then we are interested in: “Why didn’t they miss the ambulance?

- What kind of ambulance? I have not heard anything.

- And you didn’t see the “emergency lights”? There are as many as three of them?..

“You have no evidence, these are all words!” And I always miss an ambulance!

Yes, frankly, it’s even a pity that we agreed not to punish anyone today, I really want to punish such "deaf", but harder …


In front of the tunnel, which is under Taganskaya Square, again turn on the siren, beacons, stand in the left row. The driver of our ambulance, Alexander shares his observations: “According to my feelings, there is no worse way to work on Tuesday. People on Monday have not yet departed from the weekend, which is probably why they drive quietly, even sleepily somehow, but on Tuesday it’s just a disaster, as if everyone was breaking the chain! By the end of the week they again calm down a little …”Then we are faced with yet another“stubborn”one - we literally hang over the rear bumper of the“nine”. The driver does not respond to all our signals, although there is a place on the right in the lane. Siren howls heartily, but he doesn’t care. Strong nerves in a man! We drag along on his tail for quite a long time - we pass a tunnel, then a bridge, but the traffic police inspectors no longer withstand, overtake us and slow down the “nine” just opposite the Paveletsky station. The driver is a young guy. Verification of documents, then the usual question: why did not miss?

- Guys, yes I did not see you! My music played loudly, so I didn’t hear it, only when the traffic cops ordered to stop, I immediately …

Honestly, I thought that the ambulance was tight only at rush hour, when Muscovites go to work or return home, but now it's midday, normal movement …

The next "stubborn" - a representative uncle in tightly tinted black "Volga". We sat on his tail at the Gorky Park, and until the very Zubovsky Boulevard he simply did not notice us. We call the traffic police crew, inspectors press the Volga to the sidewalk. Well, what will we hear this time?

- Guys, I have not seen you, I have a tinted rear window! You know, I urgently need a meeting at the Audit Chamber, I thought about it, although in general I always miss an ambulance. Just did not hear.

This is a decent official caught, did not try different brushes "brush off! It has become fashionable to hide behind all sorts of “special standards” and “special passes” recently. There are no numbers of “untouchables” … For many of them, not missing an ambulance or a fire department is normal. By the way, according to the leaders of the DOBDD, this is a purely Moscow “trick”, in other cities this is not, although in Russia dozens of settlements already face traffic jams every day …


We meet on the Garden one more ambulance. Paramedic Natasha waves his hand: “A familiar crew. Also poor fellows are tormented. Okay, we have the usual “ambulance”, but we often don’t miss even resuscitators, where it says “resuscitation” all over! There, after all, for someone, the bill goes on for minutes, but after all, they are clamped …

According to my approximate estimates, about four to five normal drivers in the capital have one “deaf”. Apparently, these never nervously waited for an ambulance at home, did not scold the doctors who were traveling so unbearably long …


You can endlessly write that skipping an ambulance is a sacred thing. But there is traffic rules, which clearly states that "when approaching a vehicle with a blue flashing light on and a special sound signal, drivers must give way to ensure unhindered access." We are well aware that Moscow drivers are already allergic to all kinds of “emergency lights”. They have bred so much in the capital that it just ripples in your eyes! But just dare not miss such ones - they will simply sweep away and do not stop! But the ambulance, it seems, turned out to be in the role of the "extreme" - on it you can an ordinary motorist and win back for all the grievances caused, and not to miss …

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