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Perfume With Pepper


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Perfume With Pepper
Perfume With Pepper

A minute later, Mini also pulled away - a soft roof with automatic transmission. Exactly in 15 seconds.

The modification finally allows you to openly admire the 4-seater cabin. Mini is the design, and Cabrio is also cosmetics: it is offered in ten colors (two exclusive), the tent can be black, blue or green, plus eight upholstery options.

Ladies gracefully eager to sit behind the wheel. They laid shiny mobile phones on the panel next to the shiny “alarm clocks”, searched and found illuminated mirrors, gently touched the toggle switches and steering column levers … And in the wide open Mini everyone looked beautiful and happy without exception: “I would only buy a Mini for that … "What a little thing!

But the Mini was conceived as a cool driving car, a convertible is no exception, and with all the toy it is a very seriously developed car. That is, it seems to men that it’s not shameful to choose Cabrio. Although in Russia - perhaps as a gift to beloved women. Mini, skirts …

Like a closed car, the convertible is offered in three basic versions: One, Cooper and Cooper S. Between themselves, they differ in power of transverse gasoline engines 1.6 (90, 115 and 170 hp), transmissions (5- and 6-speed manual gearboxes, 6 automatic gearbox and CVT) and standard equipment packages. It's funny that the names have extensions: “Salt”, “Pepper” and “Chili” - the sharper, the cooler.

The dimensions of the Cabrio versions are almost one in one coincide with the usual Mini, but each open car is 100 kg heavier. The point is a soft roof, but not only the folding mechanism. The design of the convertible was added 1200 specific parts, and part went to increase the rigidity of the body. High-strength aluminum arcs were added in case of capsizing.

Stuffing the car with pillows and electronic systems, the company claims that Cabrio is not inferior in safety to the Mini with a hardtop. However, having gained weight and lost in aerodynamics, convertibles accelerate a little slower, lose a little at maximum speed and spend a little more fuel. But there must be a complete order with controllability.

Different access to the trunk. Instead of the third door, Cabrio has a hinged side with “fangs” of external hinges that can withstand 80 kg of weight. The compartment, of course, is very small: it is pressed down on top with a retracted awning and holds only 120 liters. If the top is raised, there is more space - 165. The Easy Load function allows you to raise the back of the jammed top, and if, in addition, the rear seats are folded, the result of the manipulations will be a trunk with a capacity of 605 liters. But who would ever think of using a Mini, much less a convertible as a pizza delivery man? He must be opened and rejoiced at the sun. In the description appears some innovative "hatch", which can be moved back 40 cm if the speed does not exceed 120 km / h. Naturally, no hatch in the fabric tent was cut out, the tent itself partially shifted. The world of convertibles has not yet proposed such an interim solution. And to fold the roof completely, you need to stop the Mini and press the button to the left of the cabin mirror. All the honking men are theirs … and let their girlfriends' friends burst with envy.

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