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Suvorov Bike

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Video: Лейтенант Суворов. Фильм. Феникс Кино. Военная драма 2023, February
Suvorov Bike
Suvorov Bike


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Suvorov had a hard time crossing the Alps: neither you motorways, nor tunnels … Some damn bridges. Today, a Russian who has decided to admire the mountain peaks will have easier. Especially if he saddles a motorcycle created specifically for such voyages - Honda Transalp (in the free translation - "Through the Alps").

For the first time, a car under this name broke into the European market back in 1987 and immediately, as they say, came to the courtyard. The combination of all units turned out to be extremely successful! Fail-safe V-twin, tested in the sands of the Paris-Dakar rally raid, with good traction and moderate appetite. From there, from the tracks of the marathons, there is an impressive fairing hugging the entire front of the motorcycle and smoothly passing into the protection of the power unit. Powerful, torsionally stiff duplex frame made of steel pipes of rectangular cross section … The machine is also adapted for asphalt mountain roads - this is clearly indicated, for example, by a two-disc front brake, which is rare for an enduro of such a cubature. Yes, and motorcycle suspensions (the front fork with bearing tubes with a diameter of 41 mm and a stroke of 200 mm, the rear Pro-Link with a wheel stroke of 172 mm) is a compromise that provides decent road manners, coupled with stability that resists shaking on broken asphalt.

Almost two decades of life is a considerable period for a motorcycle, and it would hardly have stayed on the bestseller list if it had not been constantly modernized. We must pay tribute to the designers of the concern - they methodically update the car almost every two years. So the new season Honda Transalp meets with a refreshed appearance. It became more elegant, as if a skilled craftsman had applied make-up on it and the “client” found a new beauty: a shaded windshield, transparent cases and orange front direction indicator lamps, black wheel rims merging with the tires … And the Transalp inscription on the cowl is not a simple decal, like last year, and a “rich” voluminous logo with chrome letters. Look behind the glass: the updated instrument panel is pleasing to the eye, it is with silver dials and red arrows.

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