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The Point Is Magical
The Point Is Magical

It is the latest brand of German tuners with Italian roots the most beloved. They released body kits for all MMC models, including the L200 pickup. And the latest development was the styling package for the new Colt (Z30) - a good example of how a “herbivorous” car can change after the application of tuner forces.

Probably, the designers of Giacuzzo sought to make the new Colt similar to the modern Civic Type R - you can notice some similarities. In any case, they focused on those of their customers who respected motorsport.

In the bumper with large windows of the air intakes, a low rear “skirt” of complex shape, a wing on the tailgate and wide sills there is a certain emotionality. Say, and small cars can be strong and fast.

And what is the chrome-plated muffler nozzle with an inner diameter of 76 mm! For 59 euros, it gives a harsh look to the car.

Also, customers are offered to change the suspension. A set of springs and shock absorbers gives an understatement of 35 mm. And, of course, the required rigidity. Moreover, the cost of such a suspension is only 205 euros.

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