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In musical groups, everything is clearly defined: here is a horn, there is a button accordion, in the corner, behind the double bass, there are spoons and bagpipes … What role the domestic company Topcar played in finalizing this Porsche Cayenne, you can’t tell at once. On the one hand, she was responsible for the accompaniment, on the other, she did all the production work. But nevertheless, it is tempting to define her as a conductor, because it was thanks to the efforts of this company that a unique example of the joint work of three venerable German tuning studios appeared on Russian soil. The fact that the collaboration was in absentia does not detract from the value of the original project.

The soloist has already been named. Most of the tuning elements mounted on the car are the work of Gemballa. Moreover, this car even got its own name from a German studio: Gemballa GTR 550 Biturbo. And who is on the sidelines? From other German colleagues in the tuning shop they took only a couple of parts. The roof spoiler-deflector was borrowed from SpeedArt, and technogenic-style masters from the TechArt studio released the lining for the front optics. The rest of the tuning is native, gemballovsky. The front bumper with huge air ducts, wheel arch extensions, wide door sills and a “skirt” of the rear bumper are all components of the Gemballa Aero III package.

In addition to the mentioned elements, a pair of twin foglights and plastic lining for all five doors are included in the package. Plus a GT carbon fiber hood with large air intakes. And already not too elegant, Cayenne immediately rang out in breadth … Maybe it would have looked like a major flaw if there weren’t original wheels (Gemballa Racing R20 with 275/40 tires), the increased size of which balanced the new forms of the car. And not just balanced, but forced to play - the extra mass began to be perceived as the properly built muscles of a professional bodybuilder. Women like it. However, these wheels are just a winter option. In summer, the car moves on the Gemballa Racing R22 Black Edition. And then not only women turn around …

Inside, the tuning aesthetics are present in the form of a multifunction steering wheel Gemballa Competition, covered in leather and inlaid with aluminum, pedals and supports for the left leg. Door sills are also tuning, but their stylists Gemballa decided to make carbon fiber.

The technical side of the improvements includes both traditional elements and original ones. The Gemballa Electronic Lowering Kit unit manages the air suspension - with it, the car can be lowered by 40 mm.

Big wheels have big brakes. The 380 mm sport discs and 6-piston calipers feature this Porsche Cayenne in front, 330 mm discs and standard calipers at the rear. Mandatory - new brake pads and reinforced hoses. Not for pathos, of course.

At the wheel of this car, you can completely forget about pathos a moment after the first press of the accelerator. Let someone even say that the Gemballa GTR 550 Biturbo looks like a swollen tractor … For a few seconds, and the driver will think that he was pushing his seat back and now it is pressed into the back of the rear seat. Even the regular Porsche Cayenne V8 Turbo has 450 hp. and takes the first hundred in 5.6 seconds. This one is even more powerful and faster.

The GTR 550 is complemented by two turbines and a system called the Gemballa Powerkit 545 Sound, which includes a reprogrammed injector control unit, sports air filters and a sports exhaust system. In figures, the use of additional equipment looks like this: plus 95 hp, plus 180 N.m of torque, minus four tenths of a second in acceleration to hundreds. And an increase of several km / h to the maximum speed for a snack.

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