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Two Comrades Served


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Video: Two Comrades Served

Video: Two Comrades Served
Video: Dva Tovaricsha (Two Comrades) 2023, December
Two Comrades Served
Two Comrades Served

Engines: gasoline 2.4 and 3.0 liters (152 and 186 hp).

Transmissions: 5-speed manual (for 2.4 l) or 4-speed “automatic”.

Options: four options from R1 to R4.

Price: $ 29, 800–39, 800.

Nissan Maxima

The car was born in Japan in August 1994, and in the autumn of that year was shown in Europe. The current generation of Maxima debuted in 2000.

Engines: gasoline 2.0 and 3.0 liters (140 and 200 hp).

Transmissions: mechanical 5-speed (for 2.0 l) or 4-speed "automatic".

Options: five options.

Price: $ 28, 900–38, 500.

“My respect, colleague.” If we already met for the pair test, let's get acquainted. My name is Camry, for friends - just Cam.

- I'm Nissan Maxima. How do you like the weather?

- The weather, in my opinion, is rubbish. In such snow, it will be difficult for us to show these guys what we are capable of. Our motors and my suspension are best tried on the pavement.

- And for me, a light fluffy snow is beautiful. It even helps bring the owner to the destination in a good mood.

- Are you kidding…


While our wards are discussing their attitude to life, we look at them, so big and, at first glance, equally plush.

Sellers attribute cars to the executive class, buyers often see them as large cars for a wealthy family or an official car in the broad sense of the word: on weekdays for work, on weekends for household chores.

"Camry" is offered today in four, "Maxim" - in five configuration options. The younger Nissan motor with a smaller volume, so the minimum price for a car is slightly lower (by the way, the maximum too). The flagship engine of both is a V-shaped 3-liter “six”. To her is a leather interior and, of course, an “automatic machine”. It is these machines in front of us. Hear, they are arguing about something again.

- You know, Max, I believe that the driver of a good car should constantly feel a reserve in everything. That’s why my controls are sharper than yours. The chef stomps on the right pedal - I myself am looking for someone to overtake, will indicate braking - I immediately upset, swing the steering wheel - I try to follow his hands. And you, it seems, are not in a hurry to please the driver?

- Hotness, in my opinion, is good for kids. And we, at almost five meters from the bumper to the bumper, should behave more respectably. Accelerate quickly - yes, but tear it up? My "machine" has a sports mode, so in the usual I try to behave more calmly. In my brake system, like you, there is a device for emergency braking assistance - why rush, "as soon as the foot touches the pedal"? By the way, with your willingness to please the lateral support, the seats could be better.


While the wards got to know each other, the drivers also did not lose time. They found a free suburban highway, full of waves, and allowed themselves to ride.


Toyota, barely feeling that we were ready for a lesson, began a demonstration of strength. The accelerator responded to confident work with impulsive acceleration, and swallowed potholes with such ease that sports interest prompted to drive along the next one. True, a bit later the other side of energy intensity also showed itself. The light character of Camry led us to that area of the speedometer, where the "extra" suspension travel turns into well-noticeable body rolls.


"Nissan" behaved more modestly, did not urge to mischief, but constantly breathed in the back of a colleague. The Maxima’s motor is a bit more powerful, with a wider operating range, but the car’s response to pressing the accelerator is softened. The car seems to be asking again if the driver thought well, and already after that begins to quickly pick up speed. After some time, you ask yourself how much intensive acceleration can last - after all, the arrow has already exceeded … In general, the acceleration of the Nissan with a 3-liter engine reminded one fisherman of the capture of a taimen: it seemed that he had caught … an electric train.

The controllability of cars at high speeds varies greatly. Toyota reluctantly enters a sharp turn, resisting with both stabilizers. In order not to feel sitting on a compressed spring, the driver is forced to slow down a little more.

Nissan enters into a turn more willingly, even with pleasure, and out of solidarity with a colleague it also sometimes asks: “Easy!” - as a rule, in front of waves or unsuccessful junctions of bridges.

In general, the lower the speed and the more serious the potholes, the more points the Toyota earns. And the better the coating and the higher the speed, the more pleasant the behavior of Maxima. Against this background, the steering of the cars is somewhat strange - sharper at the Camry and quiet at the Nissan.

In addition to the usual mode, in the automatic transmission "Maxima" is sports and winter. The first aggravates the reaction of the car, the second softens starting from ice. Toyota, in contrast, offers an electronic stabilization system.


… Toyota Camry: for roads like Russia, the suspension's ability to swallow pits and bumps is hard to overestimate. Are there any peers in the classroom here?

A large family or executive car should be roomy. Look at your own measurements - in the back I have a little higher interior, and the trunk is bigger.

The owner can expect that, pressing the gas pedal or rocking the steering wheel, he will feel the response of a powerful motor and precise control. And if he makes a mistake, he will always be insured by electronics. I try to give the maximum, therefore I am among the leaders in sales both in Russia and in America. So why do they speak of my virtues so reservedly?

Nissan Maxima: you see, colleague, it’s good to feel the measure in everything. Practicality is great, but for people like us, that's not all. To drive on normal roads and my suspension is enough, and rushing along the lanes - none of our business. But my xenon light in the basic equipment will be appreciated by everyone.

For the sake of better handling at high speed, my designers put a multi-link rear suspension. It takes up a little more space under the floor than your McPherson, so when I pick up a full spare wheel, my trunk is smaller.

Did you say something about the height at the back? First, do not forget that I have an electric sunroof. And secondly … why do you, dear, the front desk was so low above the driver’s head?

Stabilization system? Yes, a good thing, if it works flawlessly and turns off at the request of the driver. But out of my ear I heard that the testers had complaints against her.


Me too, hot Japanese guys! Of course, they cannot be taken away from attention - they see a mote in the eyes of others. But we somehow understand: when speaking about the advantages and disadvantages, they are guided by the norms of the representative class. It is necessary to briefly transfer to a smaller car - and the cons will be pluses.


The Camry electronic stabilization system (I really didn’t think that I would have to intercede for it!) Really didn’t really like on the ice, where its delays become noticeable. You need to go fast on such a coating with your own head, not trusting too much in electronics. By the way, even better - do not rush at all!

The remarks from the “low rack” or “smaller trunk” series can generally not be taken seriously - these are the same specks. If to find fault, it should be noted that the Nissan has an uncomfortable ashtray at the back (you need to tear off the back of the seat), and at Toyota the parking brake pedal can dirty the left leg.


However, there are little things that still deserve attention: for example, the flat front panel in the Camry seemed less comfortable than the voluminous one at Maxima, but the Toyota climate control is more convenient.


“Nissan” liked the seats a bit more - they are softer, with better lateral support. But the Camry driver's seat has pneumatic adjustment of lumbar support, and not mechanical. Something else? Maybe someone wants to say goodbye; hey Toyota?

- Yes, yes, thank you. Please forgive me if my behavior seemed immodest to someone. I really wanted your readers to accept my value system. Thanks to a colleague. It was very nice to meet you.

- Mutually. Unfortunately, I could not understand your popularity. Our tastes do not coincide … But for those who will choose, I think this is good. Therefore, everyone, regardless of addictions, I wish you a pleasant choice. Better between us.


Toyota Camry is a large, comfortable car with a groovy character.

+ Very energy-intensive suspension, lightweight controls, roomy trunk.

- Insufficiently clear operation of electronic systems, banks at high speed.

Nissan Maxima QX - behind the balanced character of a comfortable sedan, pressure and love for high speeds are hidden.

+ Excellent engine performance, several automatic transmission modes, xenon headlights.



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