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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Take Off
Take Off

The reason for this is obvious: it’s one thing when the driver, or even more so an elegant passenger, pulls the heavy door by hand, and it’s a completely different matter if the hydraulic drive tries. Doors in the style of Lamborghini now offer many tuning studios, but not everyone has taken care of the real convenience of users. Mostly muscle strength is required …

Gullwing or Pivot door mechanisms have been available for many years. This is nothing more than gas stops (similar are on hatchbacks) and reliable metal brackets that allow doors to move in two planes. When open, such doors look fantastic! To open them, you need to push up, and back - pull or push down. Not the most difficult procedure, but sometimes it can be a burden. Especially for those who can afford such foppiness.

It all started in 1954 with the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. On this "civilian" car, emerging from a purebred sports car, there were doors with hinges on the … roof. They opened and held them in this position devices such as gas shock absorbers. And these doors appeared not only for the sake of beauty: the body of the legendary Gullwing was based on a spatial frame encircling the cockpit, so it was simply impossible to make full-size doors.

In the late 70s, the Lamborghini team launched the demonic Countach, with doors pivoting up and down. It was also a curiosity: none of the test pilots of the sports car could get to the inner handles of the swing door - some almost fell out of the passenger compartment. Such balancing act only looked funny from the side. Signor Ferrucho Lamborghini LM-002 / "> Lamborghini LM-002 /"> Lamborghini LM-002nbsp; for example, was not at all happy. Then the brilliant idea of ​​“scissors” came.

Kleemann door mechanisms use unique hinges. The hydraulic installation located in the trunk with the help of a pump creates high pressure, the liquid flows through two lines to each of the doors. To open the machine, just pull the handle a little. Electronics will signal the processor, hydraulics will pump a portion of the liquid, and the door itself will “pop up” up. The process is simply bewitching. Remember science fiction films, automatic doors in the compartments of starships. It is almost the same here, only the steam does not fall. First, the door moves 80 mm, freeing itself from the opening, and then it goes up and down in an arc, giving access to the salon. Everything takes 10 seconds.

Closing differs only in that you do not need to pull the handle: just press the button at the end of the door. You don’t even have to think about security. The mechanism is designed taking into account all the possible nuances.

However, the Danish tuning studio does not hide the fact that the aesthetic side was decisive for them. For example, they sought to achieve the similarity of a roadster with a flying bird, believing that nature itself suggests a path to excellence. There may not be a complete analogy, but the wave effect is present.

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