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Video Box Receptions

Video: Video Box Receptions
Video: HD VideoBox. Обзор, настройка, покупка и отключение рекламы 2023, February
Video Box Receptions
Video Box Receptions

I will not give a list of films reviewed on DVD over the past year. There are a lot of them, more than two hundred. Not all masterpieces, of course, both in content and in quality, but some helped to endure traffic jams easier, not to concentrate on running away time and the immovable carcasses of trucks and buses.

Recently I noticed how the driving style has changed over the past year. Rather, several basic modes have been worked out.

I sit patiently waiting for the mash to resolve. Eyes and run - either to the monitor, then forward, to the "feet". And finally, the impressive mode: speed 40-60 km / h, right or middle row, no fuss, crawling almost on autopilot. Eyes in the monitor, but from time to time I look around the road. In which case I press on the "distance" pause. What if there’s an interesting episode!

After a long training in “extreme” driving manners, I conducted a deep upgrade of the audio-video complex. Instead of Videovox PAV-900 (a monitor with a radio tuner, $ 700 in 2003), Videovox PAV-2000 ($ 990) was installed. The cost of the work is $ 70. I had to tinker with the installation of the Control BOX processor, which, incidentally, was not in the PAV-900 and not in the PAV-1500. The CD changer left - let the stock of films ready for viewing grow.

Why did you choose Videovox? The simple answer is price. Design, management and menus are not so hot. Yes, still - I was not going to refuse the changer, and finding a head unit that could manage an existing one is not easy. Or maybe not.

Videovox PAV-2000 tricked out the previous. I will not talk about technical parameters, they are easy to find. But about the user - definitely!

Touch control panel, built-in DVD / VCD / CD / MP3-player, a separate LCD for indicating operating modes - these are the main differences from the 900th. A couple of hours will take you to study the instructions and set up, and then you can watch a movie.

It is very convenient that the display is at the end of the monitor: when the device is “folded”, you can see the time, mode of operation and frequency of radio stations. All settings are changed from the monitor - with sensors (the remote control is now in the glove box all the time). Nicely. The monitor can be rotated in the horizontal plane manually, in the vertical - by electric drive.

Something does not suit. An open monitor interferes with movement on an unlit road - it blinds, even the minimum screen brightness does not help. You can press the Play button to start a disc in the built-in player only on an open monitor. There was no such button on the seat panel. The control of the changer is incomplete, you have to press the same Play to play on the "remote" of the changer, the menu on the monitor allows you only to select a disc and scroll through the scenes forward or backward. The joystick on the front panel, in my opinion, can be removed painlessly. The Videovox PAV-10D changer for some reason does not listen to the remote control from the “head”, although in appearance this remote control differs from the “remote control” of the changer only in the number of buttons. The built-in radio is worse than desired, the reception is uncertain. As a result, feelings from owning a device are mixed. It seems cool, but the worm is gnawing - it could have been better … For another price, of course.

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