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Sp 03/2005 Experienced Tips

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Sp 03/2005 Experienced Tips
Sp 03/2005 Experienced Tips

The best in this issue we considered the advice of Sergei MOLOTKOV from Chelyabinsk. His simple proposal will appeal to many. Having received a driver’s license in 1981, he began to comprehend the wisdom of driver’s life on his father’s “hunchback”. Urgent served as an electrician driver on the GAZ-66. In 1987, he graduated from the Kiev Higher Anti-Aircraft Missile Engineering School (hello, schoolmates!), Now - an officer of the Moscow Region representative office at one of the local enterprises. He owned automobiles IZH-412, VAZ 2106 1. Since 1998 I have been driving a Toyota Carib, the reliability of which allows me to devote leisure time to work at the Russian Workshop club. One of the results is the creation of plasma welding from garage trash. The author of several inventions. He was read at the wheel by the magazine back in school - his grandfather kept binder files from the beginning of the 60s. Now I regularly buy a magazine, since mail delivers much later, and it is always very pleasant to be the first to pick up a fresh number. A convenient scraper for cleaning the car windows from frost and ice is obtained from the old CD. To do this, it is enough to cut off about a third of it evenly (see Fig. 1).

S. MAZUNIN, Moscow. On VAZ 2109 9 / "> VAZ 21099 with a high panel, hot air did not blow around the windshield well. It turned out that the heater control flap did not sit in place while heating. Without dismantling the panel, removed the visor of the duct and pulled the flap in place with a long screwdriver. I won’t. (FIG. 2)

A. USTINOV, Perm Region, Osa

There are cars where passengers in the backseat are uncomfortable in winter - heated air is not supplied here. I at Niva eliminated this shortcoming by supplying air using flexible hoses. Adapters from the heater body to the hoses (see Fig. 3) were made from suitable plastic bottles.

D. UDALTSOV, Petrozavodsk. Various methods are known for removing a bearing from a blind mounting bore. But all this is suitable if it has not completely collapsed. And how to remove the outer ring remaining in the nest? I show my method in the figure (FIG. 4). I picked up a bolt with a nut so that it tightly entered the bearing ring, and turned it into a cone. Then he made a ring of steel wire. The procedure is obvious. So I acted when I had to replace the gearbox input shaft bearing, pressed into the flywheel.

V. KHIZEV, Kursk region, Oboyan

It is not easy to set the same electrolyte level in all banks of the battery, especially with opaque walls. A simple device made of a rubber medical pear helps me with this. Its plastic tip must be sawed lengthwise to a certain height (see. Fig. 5). In my case, for a low-maintenance battery, this is a height of 13 mm. Such a pear can only suck out excess electrolyte.

E. SHORT, Chelyabinsk. In order to lock the fifth door on the VAZ 2104, 2111 and others in the upper position, I recommend lifting it all the way and wait a few seconds until the frozen oil flows (between the piston and cylinder), allowing gas to work.

N. Golenenko, Rostov Region, p. Pervomaisky. It is known how much foggy glass annoys, limiting visibility. If there are no special preparations at hand, I advise you to use, in my experience, Kazan sealant. Put a little on a cloth, rubbed the glass - and the fogging stopped. Now the condensate is collected in large drops and drains from the glass.

O. GRISHANOV, Samara. To install a piston with rings in the engine cylinder, I made a mandrel from a plastic PET bottle of the appropriate diameter. Cutting off the bottom and neck from it, he lowered it into boiling water at one end - the heated part of the bottle, having shrunk, became conical. I inserted a piston into it and cut the plastic along its bottom, getting the right mandrel.

The advantage of this method is the ability to quickly and without cost to make such a device for any piston.


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