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And Wet NOS


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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And Wet NOS
And Wet NOS

But the guys from the St. Petersburg tuning studio SRT (Streetrace Technology) decided that they were capable of a miracle. Their plans were only victory, only complete superiority in the race. Over all rivals. Over any rivals. And over common sense, of course.

A quarter mile race car was created from a bare body. A new block was inserted into the exposed engine compartment - with a working volume increased to 1750 cubic meters. see. Camshafts from the "Master-Motor" provided a greater valve lift.

The valves themselves are lightweight, titanium, supported by Schrick springs. Timing gears are split, allowing you to precisely set the position of the camshaft. There was a large receiver, a throttle of increased diameter (57 mm), an ABiT control unit, an air filter of reduced resistance and a lightweight flywheel.

The composition of the tuned graduation (the main components of the Simons brand) included the rear “can” of Pro.Sport. She liked the tuners a stern look. The gearbox was stuck with the “seventh” row, the main pair of 4.3 and a ceramic ClutchNet clutch.

In the suspension are Koni Sport adjustable shock absorbers. Tuners reinforced the body with spacers and extensions, the brake system with perforated Zimmerman discs.

In April last year, the car went to the measuring stand. And - sort of like 189 hp Without multi-throttle injection, compressor and turbocharging. Tuners swear that it is. In support of this, the BCX chart was posted on the SRT website.

And here came a stupor. With a 200-horsepower engine, drag racing is pointless - after all, rumors are circulating throughout Russia about the VAZs more abruptly, not to mention the charged "Japanese" and "Europeans".

It was necessary to add. A turbocharger or a mechanical supercharger seemed too difficult to implement. “A high-performance supercharger,” argued in the SRT, “might have added 50-60 hp, but the motor resource would have been completely“no”. And he is destined to live shortly from birth.” Maybe a year, or maybe a week … Or a day.

Therefore, we stopped at the injection of nitrous oxide. The resource is ruining in the same way, but it's easier to set. “Wet” NOS, selected for the “twelfth”, provides for the supply of a mixture of fuel and “nitros” through a special nozzle. The ready-mixed mixture enters the collector, the proportions of which are controlled by the controller supplied by NOS with the injection system. According to the earnest oaths of local consultants, such a kit is able to briefly add another 200 hp to the car!

To give the hatchback with a crazy engine a formidable look, it was equipped with an aeropacket of its own production, added an adjustable Pro.Sport rear wing, alloy wheels and a Hell Fire installation that shoots fire from a silencer, and a few more such baubles …

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