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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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National Treasure
National Treasure

They go with us. If two or three years ago, almost all of the imports came from Europe and Japan, then now the business is gradually tidying up the distilleries from the USA. Even specialized salons have appeared, more and more "American women" are exhibited in car markets. The main character of the day is Focus, because even after customs clearance, the price of a three-five-year-old car will remain in the range of $ 10-12 thousand.

Here he stands, dusted with snow, - with a 2.0 engine (smaller engines in the United States do not put), a constant automatic transmission, two airbags, climate and cruise control, fully electrified windows and mirrors. On the odometer 40–70 thousand miles, the car is polished to a shine. Beckoning …

So who is this mysterious “Yankee” - a rare luck or a rake dug in?

What to take?

We get Focus with two engines, both 2-liter. The single-shaft CVH is weaker and less suitable for dynamic driving. Motorists recommend a 16-valve Zetec (130 hp): even with an “automatic” it pulls perfectly, and many parts for it can be found in stock at Russian dealers.

The reliability and durability of both units at the servicemen are not in doubt, and parting words are standard. Feed with recommended oil, change filters and check belt with rollers more often. Timing belt replacement kits are easy to pick up aftermarket - from Japanese or Korean manufacturers. It's nice that when the belt breaks, the valves do not bend. That's the joy of lazy and fisted!

The main problem areas are well known to the owners of Vsevolozhsk cars: these are frequent candle failures and constant fuel pump obstructions. Candles go 10-15 thousand (and if you are not lucky with gasoline, one unsuccessful refueling is enough). But these are trifles. Another thing is a gas pump - for an “American” it will cost 2.3 times more expensive ($ 660). At least by the same factor you need to be more selective about the gas station: the sediment in the tank will quickly destroy the valuable product.

After the purchase, it is advised to check the belts, upgrade fluids (not all US citizens read the service book) and try not to drive with an empty tank, "on the light bulb".

Friend or foe

The first thing that scares the potential Focus owner “from there” is the mismatch of spare parts with European counterparts. We must order, wait a long time, overpay … In fact, the necessary part will come in two weeks, there are relatively inexpensive substitutes. Something will come from our Focus: filters, discs, pads can be found on the market without problems, and if you are too lazy, have an authorized dealer. The body parts, optics, wires and connectors of the "American" have their own. The ill-fated gasoline pump will also have to be discharged from across the ocean: the European one is not suitable.

But it’s easy to service “their” Focus with us - any official Ford service will accept it, and the cost of a standard hour usually does not differ from the prices for a regular “ours”. In general, keeping a stranger goes a third more expensive due to the high cost of original components.

So big, but you believe in fairy tales …

Almost all the cars that got into Russia were beaten back at home - this is the opinion of sophisticated service station employees, from whom you can’t hide the awl. Naturally, if you calculate the cost of the "original" Focus in the United States. From $ 11 thousand (the average price tag in the Moscow car market) we subtract customs clearance ($ 4.5 thousand), transportation costs and the interest of the driver. It turns out that the car is taken for mere pennies ($ 4.5-5.5 thousand). It is not surprising that beaten often come across - miracles do not happen.

However, everything is not so bad: after serious accidents, car drivers rarely buy cars, usually it is limited to a rumpled wing or a broken bumper. Yes, and they make repairs there efficiently. But the mileage is usually fake. Offer Focus 45 thousand miles for 10 thousand cu? Do not believe it. The car passed at least 150 thousand kilometers, or even two hundred. In the New World, they ride a lot and with taste, an annual mileage of 30 thousand miles (about 50 thousand km) is almost the norm. Cars are brought to us at least three years old - joyless arithmetic. Twisting a digital odometer is difficult, but you can replace the dashboard, which is done by enterprising businessmen. Not in the USA (such a number will not work there), but in Russia. Of course, for Ford, 200 thousand is not fatal, and yet after the purchase (or better before), do not spare thousands of rubles and drive the car onto the lift of a reliable service station - they will examine the chassis and tell you how much truth is in the numbers on the odometer.

At the same time they will warn about future expenses.

I want a coupon!

This is unlikely. Honest MOT Focus of American origin does not shine. And the turn signals behind are red (the inspector will stubbornly look for orange ones), and the repeaters “live” under the radiator lining, and the license plate does not light up … Yes, they will find something to complain about!

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