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Why I Ride A Lot


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Why I Ride A Lot
Why I Ride A Lot

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An image of an unborn motorcycle was formed in my head: like in a kaleidoscope, models flickered, engine volumes grew, the height of the rudders changed, the wheels all “swelled up” … Life was getting better! The great creations of the engineering ideas of the IMZ designers were no longer satisfying - it was time to transfer to “bourgeois” equipment. Wanted: to a cruiser or chopper, to a V-twin engine, xpom, horned steering wheel, landing in a chair … I understand, these are the standard desires of a convinced chopperist. I liked the appearance of the Honda VLX Steed, but it was embarrassed by its coarseness and a modest engine in volume. It was aimed at the Kawasaki Vulcan cruiser with the “right” wheels - a wide rear and narrow front wheels. To my chagrin this did not turn up.

One happy day I went to the site of one of the Moscow motorcycle shows and saw a Honda VT1100C Shadow. The priests, he is almost like Steed, only larger in size, and the engine size - per "liter". Gathered information: it was created primarily for the American market, when Honda competed with Harley-Davidson. A motorcycle was made, respectively, at the Honda plant in the United States. An alternative to the same N-D Dyna Glide.

The first reaction: “Well, what’s interesting …” Studying the photograph and the technical description caused itching, it began to swell in the place where the body touched the chair. The calculation of monetary savings showed that this bike I not only want, but I can. Buy.

He also whipped up a short dialogue with a friend:

- Oh man! … (This was followed by his incoherent interjections.)

- Imagine, I can order it right now!

“So what are you waiting for ?!”

A control call to the motor show was inspired: the lot is free, no one has made an advance payment yet. The very next day I paid for the motorcycle and returned home with a silly, incomprehensible smile on his face.

Weeks of languid expectation stretched. For two months the ship sailed from Japan by sea, was cleared for a long time in Vladivostok, rode by train to Moscow … At night, I was haunted by nightmares about sinking ferries, fires at all customs in the Far East and the heinous theft on the railways. But the coveted sales contract and several digital images of the motorcycle warmed the soul. He studied the photos often, for a long time and in great detail. I brought myself to the point that glare and reflections on chrome surfaces with a fright seemed to bruises and rust, and the reflections of the photographer on a polished tank - swellings of paint.

On New Year's Eve, a phone rang: brought! And I forgot about everything in the world.

The rest of winter flew by. I visited him in the garage: I cut circles around him, touched him, made plans for the summer … March came with his thaws, the sun and the invigorating spirit of spring. An acute desire, like a woman, broke out to open the season right there, immediately! Which he did (after the “easy” MOT, it’s good that it was not necessary to change all consumables at once).

It was like leaving for the first time in my life: a new, unusual motif, and I forgot how to steer during the winter. I was careful … But as soon as I got used to it, I zealously rushed to wind up the first kilometers. Emotions? Song! Crazy buzz!..

But about emotions - at a party, now more about the properties of a motorcycle.

We don’t discuss appearance and style - “to taste and color..” … “I bought” ergonomics: in the device, in my opinion, everything is fine. Large "sofa", conveniently located footrests, handlebars. The ability to periodically change the landing - from strictly straight to reclining on your back, allows you to swallow hundreds of kilometers without much fatigue … Often I hear from friends about the “broken ass”. I don’t know what it is yet … The passenger comfort is also on the level. The weight of the motorcycle is 260 kg. It will seem to someone that it's hard, but for me - just right.

In the dashboard there is a “compulsory set”: speedometer and indicator lights for neutral, turn signals, high beam and side stand sensor. On the speedometer there are light bulbs of the oil pressure and temperature sensor. The American "accent" of the motorcycle was manifested in the marking of the speedometer: it is graduated in miles.

Engine and gearbox: a carburetor V-twin liquid-cooled 1099 cm3 with a stated power of 63.5 hp is installed on the VT1100C model The solid volume provides an even set of revolutions from the “bottom” to the “top”, without failures and pickups. Since the traction characteristics of the engine are high, the motorcycle was equipped with a 4-speed gearbox. As befits a Honda, the box works well. But this does not relieve the owner of the obligation to monitor the level of brake fluid in the hydraulic clutch.

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