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NFS 150, ATV

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Yes, "Chinese." So what? Today, many Japanese and European automakers settled in the countries of the "third world", assemble their own equipment here, which in quality and equipment is no worse than the one coming off the assembly lines of the parent enterprises. And although they did not come up with a name for him - there is only an index, the car does not lose at all from this.

Quality? I don’t know yet. It will be possible to answer this question responsibly after 100–150 kilometers, at least.

And now, something special should be emphasized: this is the first imported ATV in Russia that has gone out of the category of “clean” SUVs. Already at the factory, a whole set of lighting devices (headlight, brake light, turn signals and emergency alarm), rear-view mirrors, a speedometer with a set of control lamps were installed on the quad, the car has a reverse gear. NFS, therefore, belongs to a new class of Street Legal cars, that is, those that are allowed to be used on public roads - which means you ride the streets until you get bored!

Nevertheless, it is more correct to test an ATV where its roots are off-road.

Outside the city, he settled in the saddle to understand what and how it works. I will say briefly: there is no gear shift foot; instead of the clutch lever, the rear brake lever is the same as on scooters. The same principle of starting the engine (with simultaneous pressing on any of the brake levers) and a similar transmission with a CVT and automatic centrifugal clutch. Due to the fact that the machine is small in size, even a driver of short stature is pushed to the steering wheel tightly. The wheel itself is the same in size as, say, an enduro rudder bar.

I move forward, to the “F” position, the transmission control lever (it is located at the right knee), I move off. The 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine is rapidly gaining momentum. I rather feel them than hear them - a 150 cc engine creates very little noise. Vibrations are also very moderate: I can barely feel them in the steering wheel and footboards, they do not “smear” the picture in the rear-view mirrors.

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