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And Here Is No Kava


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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And Here Is No Kava
And Here Is No Kava

In the "off-road" conditions of the outback, where I live, only one type of motorcycle ideally "fits" - the enduro. Domestic devices of this class are not for sale and are not expected. You don’t have to think about buying Japanese - it's too expensive.

You can buy "Izh", "pull up" the front wing, weld the rear shock absorbers and be proud: "I have an enduro." But such, with the permission to say "all-terrain vehicles", is full of full. If you do, do it. I found a frame and a front wheel from Minsk, a front fork and a rear wheel from Sunrise. Assembled, appreciated: no, so far this is just a "skeleton".

The triangular connection of pipes under the saddle was redone so as to create enough space for a monoshock. He lowered the middle of the frame down, and lifted the rear part so that, being above the center of the frame, you could easily get your feet to the ground, but at the same time there would be a place for moving the rear wheel. The lower part of the frame was digested so that the frame became half-duplex, and another reinforcing pipe led from the middle of the frame to the bottom of the steering column. After all the alterations, the frame cannot be recognized.

The idea to install domestic motorcycle shock absorbers immediately rejected: there was no sense in them. A real shock absorber should be installed on this enduro. I took the rear shock absorber from the VAZ-2121 as a basis - it fit perfectly in length. Yes, and it works - do not compare with the products of the motor industry. Used a spring from Honda. Made a system for adjusting stiffness. He made the rear pendulum himself - the part is 10 cm longer than the standard one.

When the frame and suspension were ready, took up the wheels. The rear 16-inch from Sunrise, with its huge drum, spoiled the whole look of the motorcycle. I decided on a desperate step: to make a new hub for a disk brake. Having received from the turner a workpiece machined according to my drawing, I manually marked and drilled holes for the “Minsk” spokes. Despite the fact that the hub is steel, the wheel is relieved by 1 kg. Inspired by success, he did the same with the front wheel hub, but instead of steel he used aluminum. Of course, the wheel was even lighter.

The time has come when I had to think about design - but I have not done this in my life. Use ready-made “Minsk” details? Or glue yourself? I took a chance - took up gluing. "Sculpted" the bonnet parts made of fiberglass with epoxy resin. And did not regret it.

What can be the appearance options? In our town, they saw nothing but domestic equipment in our eyes, the only source of information is magazines and catalogs. I liked one Kawasaki in the picture. He sat down at the computer, made a drawing of the motorcycle in the Autocad program - and set about turning the virtual model into a real motorcycle. Made wings, fairings, tormented with a gas tank. Not only is it hollow, it also has a neck, plus elements of fasteners for air intakes, fasteners to the frame … The result exceeded expectations: the entire lining of the motorcycle weighed 4.5 kg (!) Against the standard 15. The margin of safety is quite sufficient (already checked in an accident).

But - that's what the amateur means! - did not fit the “fork” front fork prepared at the beginning of the work. Thanks to the Izhevsk factory for arranging the production of licensed hydropneumatic front forks - as if specifically for my design. Together with a fork I bought a brake "machine" and a support from "Izh". Only a regular brake disc did not fit - had to grind. But with the rear brake, not everything was so smooth. In the end, the Novosibirsk go-kartists helped out - presented the main brake cylinder from the card, and made the caliper and brake disk itself.

The Minsk engine is simple and hardy, but its power is not enough. Again I took advantage of the advice of kartists. He squandered the inlet and outlet windows, eliminated casting errors in the purge channels at the junction between the cylinder and the crankcase - the ledge in some places reached two millimeters! I cut the cylinder head under the 92nd gasoline. I installed a piston with one steel ring on a needle bearing. The carburetor is Jikov 2928. He took the resonator from the cross CZ as the basis for the muffler, only turned his knee in the right direction. At the output, I installed a direct-flow muffler of my own design …

After improvements, the engine does not recognize! A sharp pickup from the “bottom”, a set of revolutions without failures, explosive dynamics! The increase in power of the maximum speed was not added due to the fact that it increased the gear ratio of the main gear. But the enduro is not a sport bike, and 90 km / h is enough for him. He wanted to increase traction and reached his goals - the motorcycle can start moving from 3rd gear, and he does not care about any lift.

As for the electrical equipment, strangely enough, the most time-consuming job was reworking the tachometer from Toyota Carina. It’s so easy to get a device designed for working with a 4-cylinder 4-stroke engine and assembled from unfamiliar radio components to correctly show the speed of a 1-cylinder 2-stroke engine. Installing a 90-watt generator from the Kovrov plant motorcycles with the accompanying set of electrical equipment was much easier.

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