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Represents The Designer "UAZ-Patriot." Stronghold Of Patriotism


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Video: Represents The Designer "UAZ-Patriot." Stronghold Of Patriotism
Video: УАЗ Патриот 2019. Глюк мультимедийной системы. 2023, February
Represents The Designer "UAZ-Patriot." Stronghold Of Patriotism
Represents The Designer "UAZ-Patriot." Stronghold Of Patriotism

About how the car was born and what's new in it, says Sergey GAYSIN, project manager.

The history of UAZ Patriot (factory index 3163) dates back to 1990, when for economic reasons they decided to create a new UAZ 3160 model on an old chassis (ЗР, 2001, No. 8). Times were not the best for the country and for the plant, but you need to move forward.

Soon after the appearance of mass-produced machines, the need for their refinement became apparent. Then, in 1999, we increased the base by 360 mm and on a long “62nd” car we seriously worked on the suspension. There were experiments with gauge, offset, stabilizers, including the rear. Later, in 2000, they slightly changed their appearance, modernized the heating and ventilation system, reduced noise, and became concerned about safety (and yet, judging by the editorial operating experience, model 3162 remained raw. See publications 2002-2004 - ed.) “Sixty-third” is the result of improving the previous design scheme in combination with a new level of quality.

Market research has made it clear that even in the hinterland, the consumer is interested in comfort and good ergonomics, but at the same time wants to maintain freedom of movement on all types of roads. We took all this into account when creating a new UAZ. Tests have shown: despite the increased base and a number of other changes, the car has maintained a traditionally high cross. So in the Russian market UAZ is still out of competition.


The production of the machine did not start from scratch - something was being rolled in on the Symbira. However, the main changes will appear only in the "Patriot".

Consumers often criticized the Arzamas gearbox for the unusual shift algorithm and lack of reliability, unflattering comments about the steering. Therefore, first of all, we began work on these nodes.

Having studied the potential of Russian manufacturers, we came to the conclusion that it would not be possible to find a reliable gearbox for the new car inside the country. From foreign suppliers, the choice fell on the Korean company Dymos, a member of the Hyundai group of companies.

The Koreans have proposed a modern unit that can meet our future requirements. Thanks to the three-cone synchronizers in the first and second gears, two-cone in the third and fourth gears, the switching effort is minimal. The resource of the unit is 350 thousand km, and the oil needs to be changed only after 200 thousand km. By the way, let me remind you that now the plant puts on all machines a new helical gearbox controlled by one lever. Of course, the "Patriot" will be just that.

The base engine is a gasoline ZMZ-409.10 with a capacity of 94 kW / 128 l. with. Other options are being worked out, but no final decision has yet been made. Recently, imported attachments, including all injection system sensors, have been installed on the Zavolzhsky engine intended for UAZ.

The suspension has undergone major changes again. The debugging has not yet been completed, but much can already be said with confidence. Gas-filled shock absorbers will appear on the Patriot, in front - a new anti-roll bar. These devices will reduce rolls and swinging of the car in turns.

Also, to improve the controllability and smoothness of the unloaded car, we will install three-leaf springs in the rear suspension, which will provide a load capacity of 600 kg. And those who need to carry goods will be able to order a car with an increased load capacity up to 800 kg and four-leaf springs. In this configuration will be offered folding rear seats for four more.

A new steering mechanism with power steering will also help improve handling. Finally, the steering wheel of the same manufacturer will also contribute to the ease of operation, which is ensured by the GM-AVTOVAZ joint venture.

Of course, you won’t tell about everything at once, there are a huge number of trifles from which the consumer makes up the general idea of ​​the car: molded soundproof panels, modern lighting equipment, many interior elements, including a combination of devices and controls, even convenient towing eyes or a hood opening to a large angle. Planned to install air conditioning and ABS; True, the first serial copies of this equipment will not be.


In the past two years, a lot has been done at the plant to improve the quality of the final product - the car. New automatic lines for the production of bridges and transfer boxes were purchased, and the welding line was modernized. They launched a new furnace in the metallurgical workshop - now we can cast some transmission parts not from gray cast iron, but from high-strength. One of the latest acquisitions is the Eisenmann painting line, which was commissioned in January this year. But besides the new equipment, a lot of work has already been modernized: the plant lives within its means, having learned to count money.

For several years now, the plant has had an end-to-end design system - designers and technologists work with a single database, which minimizes possible errors.

An important component of work on a new project is the introduction of the UAZ Production System. The task is to eliminate any unnecessary (from the point of view of technology) actions of workers and personnel, reduce backlogs to two hours, and remove “subassemblies” from the main conveyor.

In the production of the “63rd”, for example, a new container for parts will appear: it will eliminate their minor damage when moving between sections. Such organizational measures are not too costly, but very effective.

For the body of the "Patriot" we will use another steel. The front panels of the body, requiring a large hood, will be stamped from galvanized sheet, which will begin to be manufactured by SeverGal, a joint venture of SeverStal and the European metallurgical concern Arcelor, this year. I have no doubt that consumers will appreciate the result.

In general, I hope that all the elements of the chain along which the car gets to the buyer will work well. Then in June-July, dealers will receive test cars, and in August the Patriot can be bought. Well, the designers will take up new projects.

ANTON KARPOV, Head of Marketing, UAZ OJSC

We are often asked why today's names are written in Latin - Hunter, Patriot. The answer is simple - this is the generally accepted world practice. The names of the brand and model are always international, but the motto is written in their native language. After all, it does not surprise anyone that on cars from the domestic Japanese market we see a Latin name, not hieroglyphs.

The Patriot project is the quintessence of our knowledge and technology, it will be the best offer on the market, taking into account the capabilities of the car, its consumer properties and price. The car will take a place in the niche from 12 to 15 thousand dollars, depending on the configuration. It is in this segment that in a year or two we should expect the most activity of buyers who need an all-wheel drive or just a big car.

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