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Light Breeze


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Light Breeze
Light Breeze

Original appearance, low weight and reasonable price - this is how we tried to make the concept of a mini-bike. If everything works out, we’ll try and bring it to readiness for serial production.

We tried to move away from classical solutions. The frame is a monocoque, welded from sheet steel 2 mm thick, it weighs only 7 kilograms. The gas tank under the saddle is arranged so that it also performs the function of the carrier. Next to it is a tool box - it is made with the same calculation. As a result, it was possible to thoroughly reduce not only the weight of the scooter, but also its cost, because sheet steel is half the price of a pipe. In addition, there is no need for large plastic panels, which are difficult to produce in small-scale production. Of plastic, only the windshield and wings.

How to choose a fifty-fifty engine? Manufactured in Russia rejected. And imported (those that are available), too. Therefore, part of the engine and gearbox together with the crankcase were made by ourselves. The cylinder-piston group is from an imported motor with a volume of 36 cm. The first sample without a variator, it has only centrifugal clutch. But we didn’t completely abandon the variator - we are developing a compact unit that differs from classical samples.

Disc brakes on both wheels (2-piston calipers with a working piston diameter of 28 mm), driven by a single lever on the steering wheel. All the main parts were designed and manufactured by ourselves. During the test races, the brakes worked as they should.

The lighting devices were made on the basis of LEDs - they are compact, without bulky reflectors and diffusers, even the headlamp can be replaced by the power of the light flux. Head light - from seven powerful white LEDs. The two lower ones serve as a passing beam, and the five upper ones perform a passing beam. Everything - with lenses (also our development). And as long as the LEDs also save electricity, they limited themselves to a low-power (15 W) and compact generator, and the rear lamp reflector did it their own way: when only one LED is lit, it creates the illusion that several are burning.

Front fork trapezoidal with monoshock. It rotates in ball bearings with adjustable clamping force of the ball. With its help, you can not only compensate for wear, but also simply “tighten” the supports so that they function as a damper.

Developing the design of the muffler, they immediately abandoned all the “direct exhaust pipes” there, because they achieved comfort for the rider. And they achieved: when the engine rumbles at idle, you can talk nearby, without straining the vocal cords. On the go, the "decibel" is slightly larger, but within reasonable limits. It is nice that the engine is gaining momentum without dips in the entire range of crankshaft rotation frequencies.

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