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Her Name Is Nadia

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Her Name Is Nadia
Her Name Is Nadia

"Nadia" has the comfort inherent in cars of a higher class. Large doorways are comfortable, as are almost "home" chairs. Finishing materials cannot be called expensive, but the velor on the seats is pleasant and practical, and the plastic panels fit perfectly.

The rear seats move along the passenger compartment independently of each other, increasing the already considerable legroom, and also have adjustable backrest and individual armrests. Of course, with a cabin width of about 1, 600 mm, you can sit in the three of us … but the third one is still superfluous, especially on a long trip. If the rear seat for a full passenger with a height of 190 cm is quite comfortable even in winter clothes, then in the front seat it will be cramped, the armrest will have to be lifted.

Nadia’s equipment is standard for a modern car: power steering, ABS, two airbags, air conditioning or climate control, power accessories (central locking with remote control, four power windows, side mirrors). Standard equipment includes audio, video and navigation systems. In Russia, however, television and navigation require special settings.

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