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Bonus Malus

Video: Bonus Malus
Video: Класс водителей по ОСАГО. Коэффициент Бонус-Малус (КБМ) на сайте РСА. Просто о сложном 2023, February
Bonus Malus
Bonus Malus

The Government decree on insurance tariffs has a special table according to which the insurance agent affixes the class and this same “bonus-malus” coefficient (MSC). In accordance with it and calculate the amount of insurance. MSC was invented, of course, not in our country: such coefficients have long been used all over the world. Their goal is to provide benefits for drivers who have not committed an accident. You can determine your KBM using a special table.

At the conclusion of the MTPL agreement, the policyholder (vehicle owner) is first assigned the 3rd class (first column, fifth row).

The coefficient in the first year of insurance in this case for all drivers is 1 (second column, same line). But in the following years, the insurance premium will depend on how many times your insurer paid for the damage you caused. You regularly get into accidents - the class decreases (down to the lowest, M), and the coefficient increases (and regardless of the amount of damage). If there are no accidents in the driver’s biography, the class rises, and the KBM drops lower.

The accident-free driver in the second year of insurance class will increase to the 4th with a coefficient of 0.95 (second column, sixth row) - which means that in Moscow the owner of the personal “top ten”, who gave 3960 rubles (1980 rubles x 2 for the first time for the policy), the district coefficient for the capital), this year it will pay 3762 rubles (3960 rubles x 0.95). But if at least one accident occurred during the year when the insurance company paid for the damage, regardless of the amount, the class dropped to 1, and a coefficient of 1.55 will be applied in the new year (third row, second column). That is, under the same conditions, you will have to pay 3960 rubles. x 1.55 = 6138 rubles, or 2178 rubles. more!

And this is not all: in a year, even if you have not committed a single accident, you will only be assigned a second class with KBM = 1.4 and you will have to pay 3960 rubles for a new policy. x 1.4 = 5544 rubles (1584 rubles more than the original). Only in the third year (provided that there were no accidents!) Will you be returned to the 3rd grade again with the coveted coefficient of “one” and equated to a beginner with a “clean” driver’s biography.

Thus, one accident, regardless of the costs that the insurance company incurred, the happy owner of the policy will cost an additional 3, 762 rubles when buying new stickers. And without them - alas! - You won’t go anywhere today. If the number of accidents is two (or more) per year, then you can easily fly into class M, in which MSC = 2.45. And this means that for the same policy you will have to pay 9702 rubles for the next year, and you will receive the first class even in the case of absolutely trouble-free driving only after four years …

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