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Russian Steps Of Volvo


Video: Russian Steps Of Volvo

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Russian Steps Of Volvo
Russian Steps Of Volvo

“Mr. Mullan, I heard that you identify with the average owner of the Volvo.” Could you tell us a little about yourself?


- I am forty four years old. I am a Scot, born and raised in Glasgow. I have been working at Volvo for 18 years. For the past four years, he has been president of Volvo Auto Czech in Prague. And I consider myself a typical owner of our brand cars because their main value is safety and reliability. It is no accident, therefore, that Volvo is associated with people who are serious, thorough, and mostly family. I’ve been married for twenty years and have three children. In addition, I also have a dog - a golden retriever. For such a company, the station wagon from Volvo fits perfectly.

- How did you decide to start working in Russia? What is more in it - own desire or is it just an order from above?

- The proposal was made to me last fall, and I was flattered: Russia - taking into account the dynamics of development - among the priority markets of our company. I will not hide, however, there were some concerns: Russia has always remained a mystery to foreigners. You can understand it only after living here for some time.

- Did you come to Russia with your program or with the desire only to complete the things that your predecessor Disch Papke did not have time to complete?

- Of course, in the beginning it is necessary to finish what has been started, but at the same time I hope to make my contribution too - to further strengthen Volvo's position in the Russian market. However, Disch and I have similar views. To succeed, both he and I believe we need to put together a decent team. In our case, this is a well-organized dealer network. Before my appointment to Moscow, I already worked in Eastern Europe and am familiar with the economic processes taking place there, with the way people think. I think that the experience that I got in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic will be useful in Russia.

- What specific goals do you set for yourself in Russia?

- In 2005, Volvo will focus on how to improve customer service - restructuring the dealer network to the highest standards. In summer, a central warehouse of spare parts will open in the suburbs of Moscow, which will significantly reduce their delivery time and optimize pricing. The main innovations in the Russian market this year at Volvo will be the S60 model with an economical 2.4-liter engine with a capacity of 140 liters. with., and also the eight-cylinder V-shaped engine for the all-wheel drive XC90 with a power of 315 l. with.

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