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To A Creak, To A Clank, To A Howl

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To A Creak, To A Clank, To A Howl
To A Creak, To A Clank, To A Howl

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The editors of "Moto" continues the long trials of the "Wolf" - the most pretentious and expensive domestic motorcycle.

Recall that after the motorcycle was handed over to the editorial office from the Irbitsky Motor Plant, a “wedge” of the motor occurred - at a 67 kilometer distance (“Moto” No. 8-02). Dismantling, examination and repair of the engine (No. 10–02) followed; we wrote about impressions after driving around the city in No. 1–03. Then the “Wolf” was handed over to the experienced motorcyclist Vadim Trostyansky. His first reviews are in Moto No. 12–03, p. 42. Now, two years after the start of the tests, we again return to the “wolf” topic.

Previously discovered defects and deficiencies did not resolve. Most of all, the mismatch between the potential of the engine and the capabilities of the transmission annoys: the horror of the lack of 5th gear! It happens that you rustle with tires at 120 km / h on a chic road, in fine weather, a girl sits behind her, her hair in the wind … "Can you be quicker?" The beauty asks. This is where the buzz breaks: if you “open” the gas more (and the handle still has a margin of rotation), then vibrations occur. Yes, and for the increased roar of the engine you will not hear each other.

The rear suspension is simply hazardous to health: “oak” shock absorbers transmit to the body a “report” about each bump. Worse, the seat cushion, although made stylishly and is covered with a genuine leather cover, because it infects you, and you feel the steel reinforcement with the fifth point.

After the first thousand kilometers, a vile creak of springs appeared. This noise accompaniment is good alone - for a mile away scares pedestrians forward. Like a clang in the gearbox during gear shifting. Passers-by notice: “Man, you have something with a box …” or: “Here you have a foreign car …” When I answer that it’s “Ural”, they say: “Well, then everything is clear” …

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