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Athlete's Day


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Video: Athlete's Day

Video: Athlete's Day
Video: Day In The Life: D1 Athlete VS Student 2023, December
Athlete's Day
Athlete's Day

In an effort to correct a little posture of an iron friend there is nothing shameful. But in order not to regret the decision made later, the work must be done with the head.


One of the most important qualities of a car is the ability to "keep the road" or, in a scientific way, exchange rate stability. It provides a number of design factors. We are only interested in those that are associated with the position of the longitudinal axis of the car relative to the road - it is we who change it with the help of spacers.

Let's start with the notorious caster - the longitudinal angle of inclination of the axis of rotation. He is responsible for the dynamic stabilization of the steered wheels. A classic example is a piano wheel obediently rolling behind a leg. That is, if the point of intersection of the axis of rotation with the road is in front of the tread contact spot, the passive (non-driving) wheel is in dynamic equilibrium, while turning the steering wheel, it tends to its original position (one of the reasons for the well-known effect of the steering wheel self-return). In theory, in front-wheel and all-wheel drive cars, everything should be the other way around, because the drive wheel pulls the leg behind itself. But in practice, they also retain a small positive caster. Some instability during acceleration was sacrificed here much more important from the point of view of safety of stability in braking (obviously, at this moment the wheel ceases to be the leading one). It is precisely because of the smallness of this angle (1 ° 30 '± 30') that the entire front-wheel drive VAZ family, for example, is so sensitive to “raising the stern”. Spacers with a height of 40 mm reduce the caster, rigidly attached to the body, by a full degree, reducing the stabilizing effect to zero.

Further, more (spacers common on the market allow you to raise the body by 60 mm!). Having overdone it, it was not long to drive the required parameter at all into minus, making the behavior of the machine “stably unpredictable”.

Fortunately, the caster can be adjusted (on “Samara frets” it’s enough to change the number of washers on stretch marks). If the spacers only compensated for the fatigue of the springs, then reconfiguring the suspension is unlikely to be needed. But it's still worth checking the corners - it's more reliable. But if the rear bumper turned out to be much higher than the front, you can’t do without adjustment - you will be longer.

The next dependent element is the brake force regulator (colloquially - “sorcerer”). The operation of the device depends on the position of the body relative to the rear axle beam. Raising the “back”, we naturally change the reference point. If everything is left as it is, the "sorcerer" can completely turn off the back loop, so after installing spacers over the configuration of the unit, you need to work hard.

And, finally, be sure to check the headlights - it is possible that the rays buried in the asphalt.

Having completed the full range of work, you can calm down - riding in a sub-blind car without rear brakes, besides constantly prowling along the road, is no longer in danger. Unfortunately, many motorists do not suspect such nuances, fully trusting the service. Do masters know about them? Having acquired a pair of uncomplicated pieces of iron for 100 rubles, we traveled around several technical centers of the capital with a request to “raise the back” from the editorial VAZ 2115.


The staff of the well-equipped workshop on the outskirts of Strogin was languishing from idleness. Both lifts were empty, a diagnostic post and a wheel alignment stand. Only the receiver table was busy - on it locksmiths recklessly cut into cards. At our appearance, the players were confused, as if they had not seen live clients before. Then the most desperate stepped forward and announced the price - 600 (!) Rubles. Having decided that it includes the cost of all necessary adjustments, we agreed. However, things did not go beyond the spacers. And only after a categorical demand to adjust the brakes, the master reluctantly put the first washer under the rod of the "sorcerer". With the classic technology for adjusting the regulator, described in detail in the repair books, he obviously did not meet …

The unnamed car service on Volokolamsk Highway had only a couple of gouged lifts. But the prices here were moderate: 150 "re" "one way". It’s like someone is limited to one side. The master had never heard of either the caster or the regulator, but assured that so far no one had come to him with a complaint. It can be seen that the logic of the parachute stacker here has long been professional.

In the shopping and service center near the roadside of the MKAD, the receiver could not understand what we want. Thank God, the master called to help was more intelligible. It was not possible to look at the lifting process, because a blank reinforced concrete wall separated the room for customers from the repair room. The work here was also rated at a minimum (248 rubles), and the master declined to discuss the security.

Really in all services do not know what they are doing? Obviously, it is worth contacting one of the VAZ dealers - they will do everything as expected.

Relations with Rostokino-Lada did not work out: when we arrived at the technical center, we were surprised to learn that the cash desk, where the prepayment should be paid, is located … five kilometers away!

But in “Lada Favorit” everything was under one roof, including a lounge and a cafe for customers. The desired service has finally turned out to be comprehensive, including the setting of brakes. True, its price seemed rather big - 830 rubles with spare parts. Alas, it didn’t seem to get to the point of adjustment again - the artisan limited himself to tearing off the facets of one of the bolts without ever moving him.



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