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On The Rise
On The Rise

Nevertheless, in general, the results of 2004 can (and should be!) Be regarded as positive. In 2004, 1.4 million trucks, cars and buses were produced, which is 8.4% more than in 2003.



They were collected by 202, 212 - 3.9% more than in 2003; growth has been recorded here for the second year in a row (in 2003 they released almost 12% more than in 2002). Every month 15-16 thousand trucks left the conveyors. Moreover, analysts note trends indicating that the country is developing not only trade and services, but also the “real” sector. Thus, in 2004, the production of heavy trucks, rather than “gazelles,” as in previous times, grew at the fastest pace. There were 20.7% more trucks assembled at KamAZ than in 2003, 13.9% at the Ural automobile plant, and 48.1% at all at the Bryansk Wheel Tractor Plant (JSC BZKT)!

But GAZ, which makes more than half of all trucks in Russia, slowed down, although it produced 8.1% more than in 2003. The production level of the Gazelle lorry has remained the same, but the production of plain Sobol vans has increased by 1.4 times, and medium-tonnage vehicles are assembled by 25% more. The latter in 2004 amounted to one fifth of all produced by GAZ!

But the manufacturers of small trucks - UAZ, IZH-Avto, VAZinterservice - reduced their output compared to 2003 by 18.0, 12.1 and 9.2%, respectively. And at the end of the year, all of them were even forced to stop production in order to sell off the cars that had accumulated at the sites. Surprisingly, on the eve of the new year, UAZ and IZH-Avto suddenly recorded a sales increase again! It is difficult to say for sure what this is connected with, but for 2005 both enterprises plan to maintain at least the level of sales (and IZH-Avto intends to increase the output of the Izh 2717 van by 45%!).

For 2005, all manufacturers have bold plans. AMO ZIL wants to collect over 17 thousand trucks (almost a quarter more than in 2004), KamAZ - 31.5 thousand (an increase of 7.7%), Ural - 20% more, and GAZ - by 8%. So this year can be even more successful for domestic manufacturers. Moreover, there is no particular competition here yet. Foreigners sell piece goods - the price is very high. For example, 647 new small-capacity Mercedes, 474 trucks of this brand (+ 44%) and 147 used commercial vehicles (-8%) were sold in Russia in a year. The joint venture for assembling foreign trucks does not play a significant role either: in 2004 AvtoTOR produced 123 KIA K-series cars, and 69 in the IVECO-UralAZ joint venture. In addition, 42 thousand used trucks were imported into the country, mainly heavy trucks (average age - 3-5 years).


In recent years, their production in Russia has developed particularly rapidly: from 45.6 thousand in 1998 to 76.6 thousand in 2003 - an increase of 11% per year on average. The fastest growing fleet of buses of a particularly small class - as the market demanded. However, in 2004 the boom was interrupted - 76, 208 buses were manufactured (-0.5% to the level of 2003). As in the case of trucks, the “failure” occurred in the last three months of the year (according to the results of the first nine, an increase was recorded).

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