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2. Lemforder

The claimed manufacturer is Lemforder, Germany.

Estimated price - 230 rubles.

Many will take low moments of resistance as a blessing, but an underestimated rate of pullout is not very good.

3. Ruville

The claimed manufacturer is Ruville, Germany.

Estimated price - 160 rubles.

The hardness of the working surface lags behind the requirements of the VAZ KD by a couple of units. And so everything is in order.

4. TRW

The claimed manufacturer is Federal Mogul, Switzerland.

Estimated price - 185 rubles.

Small moments of resistance, familiar to foreigners, and the lowest diameter of the sphere: VAZ KD requires a larger head …

5. "Car kit"

The declared manufacturer is Belebey Avtokomplekt LLC, Belebey.

Estimated price - 150 rubles.

Rolled product meets all requirements. Test leader. But without installation, it is somehow solid.

6. "Car kit"

The declared manufacturer is Belebey Avtokomplekt LLC, Belebey.

Estimated price - 150 rubles.

Impact strength slightly above normal? Beats on authority. You need to keep the bar of the leader …

7. BelMag-Comfort

The claimed manufacturer - ZAO NPO BelMag, Magnitogorsk.

Estimated price - 105 rubles.

It meets the requirements in almost all respects - only the head is slightly larger than the norm.

8. BelMag-Original

The claimed manufacturer - ZAO NPO BelMag, Magnitogorsk.

Estimated price - 132 rubles.

The deviation in the moment of resistance during the rotation of the finger with time should pass by itself.

9. "Cedar"

The declared manufacturer is Cedar, Miass.

Estimated price - 125 rubles.

The moment of resistance during the rotation and swing of the finger is overestimated, but in the process of running-in everything should return to normal.

10. "Progress"

The claimed manufacturer is VOS Progress software, Vladimir.

Estimated price - 135 rubles.

In general - not bad, only the hardness of the working surface is slightly higher than the VAZ norm.

11. “Track”

Declared manufacturer - Track software, Miass.

Estimated price - 125 rubles.

Everything is slightly overestimated - and the hardness of the working surface, and the moment of resistance, and the diameter of the head. But he will most likely live.

12. “Track Champion”

The claimed manufacturer - CJSC "Track", Miass.

Estimated price - 148 rubles.

The product became the champion in the force of breaking out of the case: at a rate of 2900 kgs it stood 6100–6300!

13. Unknown manufacturer - unlabeled

Declared manufacturer - not specified.

Estimated price - 72 rubles.

We will not recommend nameless products - not in our rules. The rusty sphere of the ball finger itself will tell you - pass by!

No matter how popular “nine” and “tens” are among the supporters of the domestic automobile industry, “Lada” will disappear from our roads oh how soon! And let someone say that the rear-wheel drive VAZ, they say, is not bought from a good life - you can “make friends” with him. And if you are capricious - also not a problem: spare parts - the sea. However, not everyone can boast the ability to catch a normal part in this sea …

Today's "lesson" is devoted to the upper spherical fingers of the front suspension - now they are not released only by the lazy. Having visited several large Moscow stores, we easily bought 13 items of the same name products from various “parents”. The experts of NAMI will have to recognize their "talents" - in their work they are guided by the requirements of design documentation - VAZ design documentation.

The main parameters to be certified are listed below.

The moment during rotation and swing of the finger - characterizes the quality of the rubbing work surfaces. The norm for the torque during rotation is 0.3–0.6 kgf.m; when swinging - 0.4-1.0 kgf.m.

The power of pulling a spherical finger - this parameter is used to judge the strength of the body. Of course, neither plastic deformation nor fracture is allowed during testing. Norm - not less than 2900 kgf.

Ball finger extrusion force - the parameter also characterizes strength, but the load during the tests is directed in the opposite direction. In other words, the support body is pressed with a ball finger. Norm - not less than 3000 kgf.

The diameter of the spherical head - the parameter indicates not so much about the quality of the part, but about the technological features of various industries. The norm at the VAZ is considered to be both 30 mm and 32 mm.

Hardness of the working surface - the parameter qualifies the wear resistance of the product. Ideally, the surface of the finger should be somewhere in between, between too soft and too fragile. The norm is 26–32 HRC (according to Rockwell).

Impact strength is the residual deformation of a finger, measured upon impact with a special device with an energy of 20 kgf.m. The norm is 1.5–2.5 mm.

These are the requirements of the VAZ. And what do we have in practice? Brief expert comments are given under the corresponding photo - the products are arranged in alphabetical order. There are no special comments on external signs: almost all parts are packed; all but the “unknown manufacturer" are marked with trademarks, and the installation dimensions of the fingers correspond to the VAZ CD. However, this "idyll" ends: the norm for swing angles of 55 ° is exceeded by "Avtokomplekt" (No. 6) - 58 °, "Progress" - 63 °, "Cedar" - 66 ° and "unknown manufacturer" - 58 °.

Go ahead. BelMag-Original, Track and Champion Track demonstrated increased resistance to rotation and finger sway. Resistance below normal is found in Hi-Drive, Lemforder, Ruville and TRW. By the strength of the pull out, the Lemonder finger does not correspond to the VAZ CD. The extrusion force is all right.

The diameter of the sphere of a spherical finger does not correspond to the VAZ design code for Avtokomplekt fingers (No. 6), BelMag-Original, Track and Track-Champion, as well as for “foreigners” - Hi-Drive and TRW. The hardness of the working surface of the finger is below normal for Hi-Drive and Ruville, and higher than normal for Progress and Track. Only the fingers produced by Avtokomplekt (No. 6) and the “unknown manufacturer” do not correspond in terms of impact strength to the VAZ design documentation.

However, everything is not as scary as it might seem at first glance. In particular, experts noted that the increased resistance during rotation and swing of the finger is likely to return to normal after the first thousand kilometers. The increased diameter of the sphere of the spherical finger is also not a problem: the optimist will say that this even increases the resource of the product, and therefore the disadvantage is a continuation of dignity. And yet, what is the most-most detail?

From the point of view of a stern pedant, only Avtokomplekt No. 5 unconditionally meets the technical requirements of VAZ - it is clear that he and all the laurels. On the contrary, the unconditional "shit" gets only the finger of an anonymous producer. Traces of corrosion were found in his sphere, and according to some signs, experts suggested that the finger itself was “used” … However, we always noted that nameless details are better to be avoided anyway. Other products can be evaluated with or without addiction: we refer all truth seekers to the figures and the table.

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