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"Izh" You
"Izh" You

Production will include welding, painting, assembly - almost a full cycle, and in the future - a high degree of localization. The volume of investments already at the first stage is $ 70 million. The plan for the release of "Spectra" for this year - 8 thousand cars.


In fact, the boom in the opening of car assembly plants in Russia fell on the last five years of the last century. Then the government made the first attempts to captivate foreign manufacturers with the idea of ​​joint ventures. It didn’t work: most of the projects were one-day ones. Few people now recall the “Chevrolet blazers” from Yelabuga, the FIATs from Nizhny Novgorod, the “Hyundai” from Saratov, the “Skoda” from Izhevsk, and those individual joint ventures that still work do it in spite of than thanks.


However, the same can be said about the "old" domestic automakers who managed to survive. The hardest of all in this struggle was probably the Izhevsk Automobile Plant. At one time, it seemed that this illegitimate child of the “defense industry” had died in an unequal battle with circumstances, but at the turn of the millennium the plant suddenly began to come to life. True, his own model - “Ode” (she is “Orbit” in girlhood) was still unlucky. Enter the market in the early 80s - it could very well become a bestseller and disperse in millions of copies; at the beginning of the 21st century, as it turned out, she had very few adherents.

Such, apparently, is the fate of all the obsolete rear-wheel drive vehicles that IZH-Avto specializes in: at the end of last year, the plant had to be stopped twice. Alas, there is no marketing. Neither the increased quality, nor the fixed price, nor the commercials (“Now with galvanization!”), Nor the new color scheme brought the desired results. “It's a normal seasonal decline,” factory marketing experts reassured. Experts from the New York Times (!), Who dedicated a separate article to IZH-Avto in November 2004, counted the “miscalculations in sales policy”. In fact, everyone already understands: on a long time ago outdated (albeit the cheapest!) Models in the bright future does not enter.

… At the end of winter, the traditional rally of IZH-Auto dealers took place in the capital of Udmurtia. Sixes, fours, odes and pickups were placed in the lobby of the factory administration. The merchants were offered a new gamut of coloring of the traditional product, something else, but in the smoking room, conversations went around prospects. By them was meant the “Spectra Project”. Representatives of sales structures believed that KIA from Izhevsk would be sold through an established dealer network. And this gave them a chance to rise - to get rid of the image of sellers of “soviet” DIY sets. Perhaps that is why they so carefully listened to the reports, participated in all discussions - we must learn to survive together …


Apparently, the leaders of the Izhevsk Automobile Plant have long realized that rear-wheel drive in the best case will allow to restore and maintain production, but will not bring the desired dividends. Therefore, they tried to agree on the release in Izhevsk first of Skoda, then Volkswagen, Hyundai … Then the plant changed its owner - it became the SOK group, and in 2002 they “shook hands” with the Korean company KIA.

“Asian tigers” by that time settled in many countries, including Russia: KIA and Hyundai models were already assembled in Kaliningrad and Taganrog. But Izhevsk factory also got its piece of the pie - the Spectra model. This car of class C (in some countries it is also referred to as D) has sold around the world under different names in a good circulation and several years ago was even recognized as "Car of the Year" in the United States. In Korea itself, the production of this model has been discontinued, but, according to marketers, in our country (it is possible that in the neighboring countries), it can be popular for many years to come. Especially if you manage to reduce the price - say, up to 10 thousand dollars for the base model.

It was decided not to build a new plant for this project: KIA assembly lines will be located parallel to the conveyor lines, from where “odes”, “fours” and “sixes” are now coming. “But it will be a full-fledged production, and not some kind of screwdriver,” Mikhail Dobyndo, general director of IZH-Avto, emphasized several times.


You will see posters with such an appeal at the factory literally at every step. Still - the people are now picky, and even if the car costs 4-5 thousand dollars, it should be "exactly for this money!" No "then we’ll twist it ourselves!"


Now on IZH-Avto, after each shift in each brigade, the traditional is already “debriefing”. For the marriage of one worker, the whole brigade is punished with a ruble; in addition to OTC there is also a “director's” control. Once a week, the general and his deputies get behind the wheel of only the machines that have come off the assembly line and personally “test” them. “Of course, the mistakes made in the design can no longer be corrected, but as for the components and assemblies, hang on here!” Says Mikhail Dobindo. Moreover, according to him, immediate and cruel measures apply not only to “their own”, but also to allies.

Incidentally, all this has a direct bearing on the Spectrum: the same people who are now on the assembly line of Sixes and Twenty-Six will collect it. There is nowhere to take others from, not to import from Korea, but most importantly, according to the head of the Spectra Project Andrei Maslov, “marriage does not depend on people, but on the process, although we also work with people.”


Questionnaires were handed out at the plant, and according to the results of the questionnaire, they conduct a kind of monitoring of candidates for new jobs. Now the average salary here is about 7 thousand rubles. For the city and the republic as a whole, this is acceptable. But it is likely that at the Spectra assembly it will become higher (the payment system itself will change).

A group of future middle managers are already studying in Korea. Next in line are foremen and craftsmen. At first, the quality control of KIA cars produced in Izhevsk will be joint, later, if there are no complaints from the Korean side, they will be completely trusted by the locals (this was the case in Kaliningrad and Taganrog).

Localization is already on the agenda. According to preliminary estimates, in the first year of operation, in Spectra, tires and wheels, batteries, oils and technical fluids will be Russian. The project of creating a joint venture to produce seats and upholstery, plastic stamped parts (bumpers) is already under discussion. In a year, lighting equipment, glass, a fuel tank, a radiator, sound insulation and much more will become “their own”. Again, control at first will be Korean-Russian. By the way, from this holiday of life it will "fall" into its own "odes" and "fours". All cars should be painted at the new paint complex, and not just Spectra bodies. And there, you see, both the build quality and the production of components for the entire Izhevsk “classic” will be tightened. Incidentally, this is one of the conditions for the survival of the entire automobile plant: it is unlikely that anyone will believe in the quality of the Spectra and pay out for it 10-12 thousand dollars if it knows that they are gathering outright hack.

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