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I Do Not Understand


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I Do Not Understand
I Do Not Understand

For example: why, in anticipation of a green traffic light, go almost to the middle of the intersection? Is it nice to feel like an important type that everyone has to reckon with? They would listen to what the same bus drivers call you … It is difficult to turn a bulky car when there is some kind of, say, softer X on its way. By the way, the X does not see the traffic light either: it’s there, behind the stern. Add what pedestrians and their trolley bags think of you. This behavior does not cause respect, does not add speed. Free theater, and you in the role of a clown.

Or annoying, like a squeak of a mosquito, emergency lights. I don’t understand … That is, I understand that it is useless to fight them. Their owners (we do not take into account the ambulance, the Ministry of Emergencies and other rescue services) are indulging in them, like babies from rattles. Just do not understand why I should let some banker or third assistant of the fifth deputy deputy from the Krasnokokshai Autonomous Okrug miss? By the way, it is precisely these “helpers” who are most affected by the “show off” complex. Self-respecting people do not need to prove that they are worth something - they just know it.

I do not understand by what principle signs are hung. And the markup? Who drove on the M4 Don, probably remembers the single-lane sections of this highway: ascent, descent, ascent, descent. It is completely logical to allow overtaking on the descent - the road is visible about five hundred meters. Do not wait! Solid and sign 3.20. But on the rise - welcome. But this is just dangerous!

What do pedestrians do? I do not understand. It seems to be decent people, but it’s worth approaching the road … One example out of a thousand is the underground passage at the Maryino metro station in Moscow: people don’t use it. Meanwhile, the road they cross is a real obstacle course! Six lanes, and even dividing with a fence to the waist. Or is it boring to live? Then I propose to arrange a competition under the name like "Hurry up, otherwise you will have time!". The goal is the maximum number of transitions before entering the intensive care unit or morgue. Extra charges for complex items - bags, children, etc.

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