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In Red And White

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In Red And White
In Red And White

“I'm not lucky with cars,” Yegor admits. - My wife and I are still waiting for damages for a broken Mercedes. Any troubles constantly happen to me …

- That's why you got a professional driver?

- No, the fact is that after training, attention is dulled. I want to quickly get home and relax, and not follow the road. Especially after the matches. Plus, I often went to the training camp, and my spouse had to be transported by someone! Sometimes, I heard in my address: cool, they say, he’s too lazy to ride. No: you see, the situation is so …

- Well, of course: you came to our editorial office behind the wheel …

- So one day the driver broke me an expensive Lexus! It’s good that in my absence. On the way, you see, it skidded - and he drove into a pole! Again, I’m still waiting for the payment of damage: I did not have time to insure my Lexus.

- And how do you like our law on compulsory motor insurance?

- I fully support it. Insurance allows you to think less about “dummies" on the road.

- What guided you when choosing a driver?

- His friend advised me. For me there were two main things: that he was single, since this work takes a lot of time, and did not drink. And then, you know, you’ll call, ask him to come, but he doesn’t move his tongue …

- Do you remember your first car?

- VAZ-2108! Personally acquired in 1996. I was 20 years old then. He first got behind the wheel at sixteen. Father explained the basics of driving - he trained me on the Volga and Zhiguli 6th model. The first lessons were held on Voykovskaya. There was a place where cars rarely drove in, and the likelihood of an accident was almost nullified. I can say that with technology I almost immediately switched to “you”. Maybe it helped that I'm an athlete. I doubt that at least one person in my profession is experiencing problems in this regard.

- What besides these cars did you manage to test?

- Yes, I had a lot of cars: BMW 525, Audi A6, Daewoo Nexia … The latter, by the way, was presented to us for winning the Russian Cup. And not so long ago I bought an Audi S8.

- Judging by the fact that Audi is not your first, is this your favorite brand?

- Yes. Although, as you know, you can hardly achieve a dream, a new one immediately appears. In Japan, in one of the car dealerships, I saw the latest Bentley model. Great car! But … he is worth a fortune.

- Which driving style do you prefer?

- I like to drive fast. Once it accelerated to 220 km / h - on the ring road. It was a day off; there were few cars. But actually I try not to risk it. As soon as the speedometer needle approaches 200, it becomes scary. There are too many “dummies” in the capital. Weave barely in the far left lane, despite the fact that everyone else is free …

- And what is a car for you?

- It’s trivial - this is a means of transportation, in which, moreover, you can relax. I remember when I had a Lada, imagined that I was in Mercedes, and enjoyed the ride. Now this vacation has become even more comfortable. After I bought the first foreign car, I don’t look at domestic cars at all. As they say, you quickly get used to the good.

- Suppose there is simply a task - to get to the destination. And fast. How long can you drive?

- The limit for me is the same 65 kilometers from home to our base. Sometimes I go to the cottage in Yegoryevsk. It takes about an hour and twenty to get there. If you have to travel longer, then your back hurts.. No, I do not like long trips.

- Follow the Formula 1?

- No, indifferent. But Dima Alenichev, after having been to Rome at the Grand Prix, fell in love with this sport. I think in order to catch the Formula, you need to see the race live. It's boring to watch on TV. Is it to listen to the news that Michael Schumacher won the next stage.

“You have a lot of remotes in your hands.” The memory of previous cars?

- Do not believe it, but all these remotes from my current car! Just Audi S8 is one of the most stolen in Russia. I don’t want mine to be abroad either. I even have a special code that must be entered before the trip. I’ll enter it incorrectly - they call me right away: where are you?

- In our football you are extravagant. For example, recently changed the color of hair … And the car did not want to make red and white?

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