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Apparently, all the signs of steepness are inside, since outwardly it is no different from hundreds of escort cars flying daily along Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The same huge gloomy SUV. Where is the tuning, one asks?

Chromium - a minimum, the tip of the exhaust system is regular. Even the wheels look inconspicuous. Could for the money put something more sympathetic, in fact. The tint is strange - rainbow-colored, as if the windows had been rubbed with gasoline. In general, we must climb inside.

For starters - under the hood … And there is even less unusual. Of course, for the age of the car (and he is already seven with a hook) the picture is more than decent, but there is nothing to catch on the amateur’s eye. Full standard. It remains to inspect the interior.

Inside - the nineties of the last century. However, not ordinary, but tuning. Expensive polished wood, a refrigerator and a real TV. Not too modern, but stylish.

On a mahogany shelf was a row of decanters. The light leather upholstery is just the touch that was the best automotive leather a few years ago. Now is her day with fire …

And still: why are they asking for almost 400 thousand? And you look in the trunk, the mechanics of the MAG studio advise us, in which the miracle car came just for a small current repair and a lot of work with the salon.

We decided: in the trunk should be at least the coolest Virtu subwoofer (if this company only makes subs) in a platinum case. But there is no expensive electronics. There lies a mutilated piece of glass mutilated at point blank range … ahhh, and so this Suburban is an armored car, and it’s a top-level armored car with personal protection for the work of one of the most famous ateliers in the United States. Tuning from Larry Hudson is strongly associated with American residents with a specific refinement of business cars. We, however, this name is familiar only to specialists.

The car, driven into a St. Petersburg studio and left there, was modified to Class A. This is the highest degree of protection: on the demonstration glass lying in the trunk, traces of Kalashnikov bullets of 7.62 caliber. Only traces, no holes. Nondescript wheels, by the way, with a swap system. Tuning is different.

To change the classic look of the interior of this car, on the one hand, blasphemy, but on the other - after all, tuners need to sell their brainchild! Moreover, the price indicated by the owner is very modest - only a fifth of the American value.

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