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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Taylor Swift - Shake It Off 2023, January
Shake You
Shake You

Alexander is an employee of the capital company Euroimperial, which was preparing the car. The manager of the tuning direction, he has long been accustomed to the stupid questions of amateurs. And yet, I was able to surprise him with my own: “But the engine, transmission, suspension have not been finalized?” Hearing this, he carefully looked at me, as if checking whether I was feeling normal or overheating in the January sun. And he answered: “This is ML 55 AMG!” Yes, I fell into a puddle …

However, I swear - many could find themselves in the same puddle. This car is hard to understand at a glance. It seems that hundreds, if not thousands of similar Mercedes-Benz MLs are swirling along the streets of the capital - blue-black, tinted, with a modest chrome decor. And even with exactly the same nameplates ("cartoons" in certain circles). But not all of them are as thoroughbred as this one. Most are standard Arizona SUVs, on the bodies of which owners habitually sculpt undeserved regalia, trying to seem cooler.

The brainchild of AMG is close to perfection, and yet not perfect. The Germans created a magnificent engine, adapted an automatic transmission for it, changed the suspension and braking system, but inside the car remained the standard ML - a car that deserves a better interior. This was the reason for the appeal of the owner of the SUV in the tuning studio Euroimperial. Here he already made one of his cars (passenger MB), met the masters well, and could well entrust his crew to them.

He didn’t spare money; he wanted the car to be as cozy and comfortable as at home, in his favorite chair. In addition, modern businessmen are well aware that the car concurrently works with the clothes that they are greeted with, which means that everything must be done at the highest level …

From the regular interior there were only memories. The main style-forming elements were a powerful multimedia system, leather upholstery in two colors - lilac and bluish, and a "cold" blue backlight. It is this combination that becomes the corporate identity of the Moscow studio.

The multimedia system in this case is not just a beautiful term, but the exact name of the equipment, so you will have to talk about the video and audio components separately.

The head unit of the system was a device hitherto unknown to our motorists - Eclipse 7301. The fact is that the company Stopol, the official distributor of Eclipse brand electronics, has not yet promoted the brand. But it is possible that the current ML-project will help become Eclipse equipment popular in Russia and even overshadow other brands. In any case, the sound and picture in "our" Mercedes are very high quality.

“Head” is a real combine: plays discs and cassettes, receives radio broadcasts, shows a 6-inch picture on the built-in display. The "omnivorous" device saved the installers from the selection and installation of components that would perform all these functions.

The TV tuner is installed separately and connected to a monitor that is mounted in the ceiling in front of the passengers of the sofa. Both screens are connected to video sources: the Sanyo DV-1000S DVD changer and the RVP9800 video recorder, hidden in niches under the rear seat. For beauty and convenience, they are illuminated by lamps.

Audi Q7 / "> Audi Q7 /"> Audi Q7nbsp; the system is a bit more complicated. The signal from the head unit is fed to the EQ2102 equalizer, and from it to a pair of Eclipse amplifiers (front - 33240 models and rear - 3322). Front speakers - Eclipse 8701, rear - 8062. A characteristic part is a mid-range speaker disguised as a dashboard in the area of ​​the passenger seat. A sort of small rectangular outgrowth lined with acoustic carpet. And only by design we can guess that it is related to "music". The speaker itself is a “slotted” type. Have not heard of this yet? Here, check out.

Wanting to demonstrate the strength and purity of sound, Alexander turns up the volume. We move along a busy noisy avenue, but the music eclipses the street din. The device reads Queen - favorites, it seems. Who Wants To Live Forever sounds first, Freddie Mercury's unique voice recalls eternity. We Will Rock You are already just amazing - it seems that we are in the stadium.

The subwoofer 8122.4 “sways” the Earthquake PHD2 amp. By the way, one of the features of the kit is the hidden installation of components. So the customer wished. A subwoofer, for example, has occupied an empty spare wheel case on the left side of the trunk. Such a casing is one of the features of the ML 55 AMG: tuning wheels are larger than standard. But in this case, the capacity is empty: the owner of this car does not change the wheels. The masters did not want to remove the casing, and they “beat” it by installing audio components inside. Previously, of course, the details of the casing were treated with soundproofing materials.

The installation of an equalizer and a pair of amplifiers is also interesting. Under them, the craftsmen made peculiar drawers, decorating them with a carpet, and on the front side they closed them with removable covers. In the working position, the boxes lie on the trunk floor, but they can be moved forward, releasing the raised floor.

The quality of interior work is fully consistent with the high level of the car. It has long been said about domestic tanneries that they can give a solid head start to Western colleagues. Especially when they work with high-quality materials and fulfill an interesting order. In “our” car, everything that is possible is covered with leather, right down to the cup holders, smoothly moving out of the corners of the dashboard. The left one, by the way, acts as a hands free headset for a mobile phone. The right-hand passenger, in spite of the expensive outfit, still has to store cans of water or glasses of coffee.

All the plastic interior parts that could be painted, the masters painted in a lilac tone. Blue LEDs were placed in the buttons and the same ones were installed in the niches of the inner door handles. AMG devices changed the backlight.

In the end, Alexander pointed to the trunk lid and asked if I could see anything unusual. No, nothing special. That's the salt. ML is “American” by birth. And that means there should be a niche for American-format numbers on the trunk lid. But here everything is European: normal stamping, correct lighting. Instead of the pristine, “zero” American cover, the owner of the car put a European one, bought to order! Clearly, only one who does not accept standards is capable of such an act.

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