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Video: Tail
Video: 선미(SUNMI) - 꼬리(TAIL) MUSIC VIDEO 2023, February

The truck gathered the tail of the cars at ten. The road is winding, and there is no way to overtake the climb. From the dump truck came a black train of unbearably stinky smoke. The first for ZIL was Volodka dragging himself on the Niva. His patience ended long ago, he cursed, puffed, fidgeted in his chair and looked out for a gap. But finally, the column left on a flat plot, and Volodka in the left mirror saw a foreign car, which separated from the tail of the column and rushed along the oncoming line. Can he, too? How much longer to wait … And Volodimir gave the left rudder. “Niva” was reluctantly dispersed, and the foreign car quickly sat on its tail. So they started to force the truck together.

Suddenly, the Nine materialized ahead. Where the hell did she come from! And flies right in the forehead. Volodka jerked to the left, on the side of the road, and - over bumps, over bumps (it’s good that an SUV). Ff-oo-oo … But neither the "nine-player" nor the driver of a foreign car managed to leave. And they slowed down until the blow …

Commentary of the lawyer “At the wheel”: “Of course, Volodka will be the indirect culprit of the traffic accident, who violated clause 11.1 of the rules:“Before starting overtaking, the driver must make sure that the lane he intends to leave is sufficient for overtaking the distance and with this maneuver, it will not interfere with oncoming and moving vehicles on this lane; the vehicle following behind in the same lane did not start overtaking, and the vehicle moving in front did not give a signal about overtaking, turning (rebuilding) to the left; upon completion of the overtaking, he will be able, without interfering with the overtaking vehicle, to return to the previously occupied lane. " Nevertheless, in this case, he is not a participant in an accident, but only a witness.

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